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Default Newly discovered (??) game-breaking bug in Midgard Serpent level

[First off, excuse me for a) being 12 years late and b) starting a topic here despite having only posted a couple of times previously! But I think it is significant, since I have scoured the internet for details of this bug and can't find anything about it]

In the Midgard Serpent level in Southern Mexico, on the upper level facing Thor's statue, having already opened the door to his chest, if you swing from the left hand side serpent's head onto a pillar then immediately jump into the statue, the cut-scene will trigger and the water will still be rising around Lara.

As soon as the cut-scene ends, Lara drowns. Because the game saves after the cut-scene automatically, when you reload Lara drowns again. And again. In an infinite loop from which there is no apparent way out.

Unfortunately for me, it was my only save, so it looks like I'm starting the entire game again. I'm playing the PS3 version by the way.
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This is a bug that shouldn't be present in a released version of the game. It is kind of similar to the bugs in Red Alert! in Tomb Raider Chronicles.
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I can't deny this was unprofessional for them to place this checkpoint there. I'm sorry you have to restart the entire game. That's why the PS3 version sucks compare to PC/360, I remember there were no autosaves in the start menu...
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Underworld had other game-breaking bugs like this. I remember encountering a bridge related issue, in one of the levels and had to start the game.
The good news is that it's such a short game that it can actually be easily replayed. But I agree with the others it shouldn't be present in the release version of a game.
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