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Originally Posted by Final Count View Post
Thanks again for your reply.

I can only find a peixoto patch for Tomb Raider II, seemingly.

My virus protection freaks out and constantly quarantines files from dgVoodoo, so I'm a bit hesitant about using that.

I'm a bit of PC noob, so if it's not too much trouble, I would love if you could recommend me a solution, or provide a link to the patch that will fix it.
There's no reason to be alarmed in regards to these patches/utilities - they are safe. You may have to temporary disable your antivirus or make a folder exception. Peixoto's patch is designed to work with multiple games. Download the patch from here.

Originally Posted by Locke217 View Post
I've had TR3 working without a CD for a while, and I've owned the CD of TLA for years, but the tr3gold.exe laravision kindly provided doesn't seem to work for me. I've run the setup, and I tried running it with dgvoodoo just to see if that would make any difference. It crashes immediately when opened.

I'm on windows 10, and again TR3 works fine for me, but this one's being stubborn.
Hmm...strange. Have you set things up like I described earlier in the thread? What about Arsunt's TR3 Gold patched exe, have you tried that?
Also, would I be right in assuming that you're ActionTurnip217 from Twitch and YouTube?

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Oh wow I'm a fool, I had the FMV folder but there was nothing in it, so I had to dust off the o'l compact disk and get the logo file whose absence was causing the crashes. It works now!!

Thanks again for that .exe file IronFistLaw(didn't notice your signature initially), that was the element I had been missing for years.
I have finally reached enlightenment. Sort of.

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I've downloaded the peixoto patch, so I can get rid of the jagged text and vertical line of the title screen of LA, but I'm such a noob at this stuff. I don't even know where to begin. I've unzipped the patch, and that's it. There are numerous patches in it, for multiple games.

I think I need a helping hand with this. Anyone?
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