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Getting used to how the editor works now.. I can easily connect rooms and make water etc etc

One small issue - I thought maybe it was something to do with textures stretching.
Some areas of my map - mainly triangle sides of slopes - seem to have this odd 50/50 texture tiles.. (should be like all the others in the screen)

I moved the roof up, lowered by splitting the block, then redid my shapes (although slightly altered) and it seemed to fix one of two of them.
Classic TRs has rather big slopes that had stretched textures though so, not sure..

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I was sent here with my questions.

how do I enable DOZY CHEAT in tr2/tr3?

I add the line DOZY_CHEAT_ENABLED: to the tombpc.dat file (compiling of course), but it doesn't work in the game.
but the line SELECT_ANY_LEVEL: works.
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Having trouble with sprites in the level.

So I used Fexmerger to add some objects from Egypt into Caves (to make egypt the first level when clicking New Game)
Everything works fine.. except for placing items.

I placed a 'Sapphire Key' on the floor - but in game it shows as Lara's pistols (sprite) When its picked it, it does appear as the key - but it isn't named in the inventory.
Any idea how I can fix this?

EDIT: OK so I learned how to export objects/sprites etc using TRViewer - and now I wanted to delete some items I don't need (wolf, bear, doors) however after the program asks 'do you want to delete yes/no' and I click yes - the program crashes.
I could use Fexmerger to delete these items, but from what I read Fexmerger can be buggy. I'm not sure if combining the 2 programs is a good idea.

OK so now the level is broken. For some reason all of Lara's animations are broken, she glides in a pointed pose.. unable to do much of anything. The inventory is a mess, even the animated objects there are broke. Think I need to wait until a proper manual is released as I haven't the foggiest idea what I'm doing..
TRLE adapting it is for now then.. its as classic as its gonna get for now

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That looks very strange and I never saw anything like that; what exactly did you remove from the level? Maybe you deleted some semmingly useless items that actually are the "core" of the engine, like Lara's animations; also, from my limited knowledge, in TR1 many objects are listed as duplicates of other ones and many others are completely different than what you see in Fexmerger/trviewer...

Besides that, BOTH trviewer and fexmerger can be buggy; even then, usually it's exactly the combination of them that makes the difference between too many and just enough textures. It's usually better to make a buckup copy or two expecially when using fexmerger, and results (crashes, too many textures, buggy objects) are pretty much random, I found it useful to "merge" whatever thing just to "make the program going" before actually touching your desired file, and sometimes doing a "merge" without selecting anything can help too (or, again, randomly crashing...)

Some common bugs like blood sprites underwater, trapdoors breaking and the inability to open a file with trviewer after using fexmerger have all been fixed with some little utility tools DaroRaider made and/or via some workarounds.

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