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Default TR4 screen orientation problem (sorted)

EDIT...Now sorted, thanks

Screen shows a TR4 custom game from trle.net showing rotated left on a winXP computer that I had just bought, it was not a screen rotation 'hot key' problem, but was actually a graphic card direct3D problem...

Now Sorted, as I got a PM from a member and was told to go into game setup and change 'microsoft direct3D hardware acceleration through direct3D hal' to 'Core design MMX hardware card emulation' save and run game and it crashes, now restart and go back to setup and change back to 'microsoft direct3D hardware acceleration through direct3D hal' and save, and restart and the screen returned to normal when played, as graphic card now detects correct way up. Tried other TR4 custom games and they are all running the right way up now

Before, with screen rotated left at start up of game...

After sorting out the setup, as described above, sorted...
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