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Relic Hunter
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Tomb Raider, around Christmas of '97. And it's still a blast to play.
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Tomb Raider
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The first TR. I was immediately hooked because it was literally ground breaking for its time.

I loved the following 3 games also to different degrees. And then have since been on an overall declining interest curve as the games have changed over the years.

In many ways the games have improved over the years as computing power has enabled many industry advancements, but in some ways the height of creativity was at the inception of the concept.
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TR came 1996 and enjoyed it since.

Only into TR1 to TR5, bonus and extra, custom levels.

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Relic Hunter
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Legend. It was an instant connection with the game and Lara herself that made me wanna seek more and so after i devoured Legend I tried out Angel of Darkness, Anniversary, Chronicles and Underworld within the next two years.

Originally Posted by Bridge View Post
Now this may sound strange, but you’re on this forum cause you REALLY like TR.
Yeah it would seem strange because judging by a lot of people's trashing this part of the franchise or that version of Lara you'd really think this is a Tomb Raider hate group. Oh wait...
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Tomb Raider skinny Legend , a.k.a the best game in the series
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The original Tomb Raider game pulled me into the series. I remember 6 year old me staying up late on the weekends and watching my dad play the game.

Tomb Raider II solidified my love for the series. To this day, it's one of my all time favorite games.

Tomb Raider Legends helped renew my interest in the series after losing interest in it during the Chronicles/AOD games. I remember how hyped I was for Underworld since I wanted to see Lara reach Avalon. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a disappointment and I haven't touch Anniversary or Underworld since their releases.

Tomb Raider 2013 also renewed my interest in the series as well. It was one of the few games I strived for 100% completion. It also got me back into playing the Classic games again, which I haven't touched since the mid 2000's.
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Like nearly everyone in this thread so far it was Legend aswell. I already knew Tomb Raider before playing the demo in 2018 but it still wasn't a franchise I really cared about, until I played the Legend demo I loved the game and I wanted more. Anniversary's demo also hooked me even more into the series aswell.
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Pretty much in order for me. TR1 definitely got the ball rolling though.
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Cat Woman
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Played a couple of TR games on the PC, but TRL got me hooked.
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Back in 2005, as a nine year old, i plaued TR 2 for the first time enjoyed it and got hooked. Then played 3, 4, 5, AOD all in order. Then in 2011, got to know about LAU and her revival , cool new graphics and gameplay. Couldn't get legend so played anniversary, then played legend then underworld and it was such a fun ride. Then in 2015 played the reboot, in 2016 later played Rise which became my most favorite in the trilogy, then played shadow in late 2018. Joined the forums just last year. TR has been my most favorite game of all time and i consider it as a part of my life.
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