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Yuna´s Wish
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Tomb Raider 2.

I had a demo of it. The Great Wall, and I think it ended after the first wall of spikes.

I remember feeling like it deserved a party. "I got to the end of the level", I thought, happily. I was 8 in 1997. Now I'm a 31 years old man, and I still remember the feeling. So it did pretty well for me to remember after all these years.
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angel of darkness, at the time it got released

then legend

then chronicles (i was stuck at trajans market)
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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Was my first game in the franchise. After seeing all my friends playing the games and cracking jokes about the characters I didn't get, I decided to pick up one of the games in the series.

Yeah, it didn't take long before I fell head over heels in love with Ace Attorney. One of the most important franchises to me along with Tomb Raider. Especially when I went back and played the first game and the rest, the bond you form with the characters and the way life is portrayed in those games always brings a wide smile on my face. Some of the stories though were real tear jerkers or did a really good job making me hate the villain.

The umbrella bitch knows who she is, most evil character in the history of video games I can ever remember and one I really hate for what she did.
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