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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
In RE8 is that blood or wine on the floor after you kill the first daughter. It's so atmospheric either way.

I decided to max out the handgun before doing any upgrades to the shotgun given the abundance of ammo for the handgun vs the shutgun. I usually use the shotgun in my RE playthroughs, but so far the handgun is really outperforming the shotgun, unless it becomes better later on.
I guess it's a mix of blood of wine lol

By the way here I read some posts about DLCs and what I hope for is something similar to RE7 dlcs they were great!

So like a puzzle only dlc like the one we got with Marguerite and we had to escape the bedroom

Then some backstory like the one in which we played as Zoey and withnessed Eveline arrival at the house (just imagine something like that in Castle Dimitrescu or House Beneviento, so much potential! or one in which we play as Elena as watch as the village gets invaded by lycans)

then some little ones that are minigames, like the card game 21 with Lucas and the one we had to escape the basement and survive the night.

maybe even something over the top lol (not canon of course) like the one in which it was Jack's birthday and we had to bring him food as Mia
just imagine something like that with Lady D lol (from daddy to mommy lol)

A pack of DLC like this would be so fun to play with lots of different experiences that would also expand the lore of the Village and its lords

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