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jeffrey van oort
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I've played one of the TRLE levels that TheGreatChi made when I was little. I think that it is great work. I still think so. Fairwell.
Flames would not be eternal if they could dissolve.
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Nenya awakens
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Ah, that’s sad. RIP The Great Chi. Live forever in the afterlife.
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I haven't been posting here for the longest time, but it's always a hoot whenever I lurk a thread and see Chi being around. Farewell, you magnificent person.
And the Raider knew the name of the king. - Book of the Raider
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Coming back to the forum after many months. It's been now almost 1 year since The Great Chi logged in for the last time to write his last message.

I still can't believe that you passed away Conversations were always so much fun with you. Solving mysteries in the Tomb Raider world and discovering the unknown together. Such good memories

You will always be missed my old friend

Rest in piece The Great Chi
DXtre3D Veteran ; RIP The Great Chi
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Tomb Raider
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Just read his secret message. It's heartbreaking.
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I didn't search for the message last year, but I have now
He is somewhere on those Floating Islands.
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I've just found out.
I always enjoyed his threads, and wondered why he stopped making new posts.

RIP Chi :'(
Right now, I'm losing patience
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