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It's a pretty dreadful list. These days I don't have much trust in gaming journos anymore.
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By Justin Towell Contributions from Joe Donnelly , Dave Meikleham
"Has anyone here ever beaten the classic Tomb Raider games? I need some flavour text for my ranking list and i've only really beaten the newer ones and Legend"

Joe&Dave: Yeah we got ya
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You can't have the top Tomb Raider game be one that doesn't even include Lara dual wielding her iconography and that caused a massive exclusivity drama cutting off the majority of the fandom. Sorrryyy.

It's obvious a lot of these lists care more about pretty graphics and presentation. When for me it's more about the original gameplay that made the games special.
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These people would probably rank best Beatles albums

1)Ring Starr's Greatest Hits
2)Paul McCartney- Flowers In the Dirt
3)Meet The Beatles
4)Ringo Starr- I Wanna Be Santa Claus
5) Beatles For Sale
6)Abbey Road
7)Sgt Pepper
9)Rubber Soul
10) Yellow Submarine soundtrack album
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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
A media company has listed the top 10best TR games. Do you agree?


(For those who don't feel like clicking)
  1. Rise
  2. 2013
  3. Tomb Raider 1
  4. Shadow
  5. Legend
  6. Tomb Raider 2
  7. Underworld
  8. Tomb Raider 3
  9. Tomb Raider 4
  10. Tomb Raider 5
The author put together a challenges guide for Shadow.

That's enough to write this entire thing off
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Originally Posted by redfox45 View Post
"Has anyone here even beaten the classic Tomb Raider games? I need some flavour text for my ranking list and i've only really beaten the newer ones and Legend"

Joe&Dave: Yeah we got ya

These mainstream gaming sites that have listed the "top best TRs" in the past years always put Rise and TR2013 at the top simply because they're the most recent games that were successful. Notice how TR1 always follows right after because everyone knows that's the best. But they can't stay current and relevant if they still rank a game from 1996 as the top one.

When the next TR game comes out, if it isn't a total disaster, they'll rank that as the best game just because it's the most recent and relevant.

Plus everyone knows this is the 1000% true and accurate order:

1. TR4
2. AOD
3. TR2
4. TR1
5. TR5
6. TR3
(Bonus: LC: Go)

*great chasms of void open darkness the size of Jupiter*

(Bonus: Guardian of Light)
7. Underworld
8. Legend
9. Anniversary
(Bonus: Temple of Osiris)

*even greater open chasms of darkness the size of Aldebaran*

*even greater chasms of darkness filled with torment and despair the size of UY Scuti*

10. TR2013
11. Rise
12. Shadow

(Bonus: LC Relic Run)
(Bonus: TR Reloaded... probably...)
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Most journalism friendly list for those article writers who most likely don't have their own opinions, or have only ever played a handful of titles half way through a couple of years ago:

*the rest in any order*
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Quite a questionable list when Tomb Raider 4Ö the only game thatís purely set in Egypt and focussed on Tomb Raiding, is put near last place. Not to mention itís non-linear too which allows for so much more exploration, and visually some bits of it are fantastic (like the whole of Alexandria).

Though yeah, I canít imagine whoever wrote the list put any time or thought into it.
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We all know the real list

1: TR1
2: Tomb Raider (Gameboy Color)
3: Angel of Darkness: The Board Game
4: The announcements for the announcements of future TR games
5: Tomb Raider: Forum Rehashed Drama
6: TRA Commentary Crystals
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I dont even click in gamesradar, thegamer... and other videogames Buzzfeed spawns like that. They never know what they're talking about and must disappear. Pity these pages are always the first results bc of Google horrible algorythm.
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