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Do you need that answer to make a plugin? I do not think so.
So please post it in the proper thread.
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I have an important message to share:

There is a crucial bug in the FindFloorType function in Paolone's trng.cpp file, which in turn is used to supply some parameters used in the FLOOR structure. The function has some errors which prevent properly reading the floor type in some cases, which could lead to false "false" statements, even though they should return true (to be specific, the function omits parsing the subfunction parameters of floor data, also some problems occur in the case of sectors with floor and ceiling slats).

Lwmte has kindly inspected this function, and upon finding the faulty parts, has fixed the function so these errors no longer occur.
Here is the new and improved code for the FindFloorType function:
bool FindFloorType(WORD *pFloor, WORD Type)
    WORD **ptr2_FloorData = (WORD **) 0x533948;
    WORD *ptr_FloorData;
    int Index;
    WORD Status;


    if (Index == 0) return false;

    ptr_FloorData = *ptr2_FloorData;

    do {
        Status = ptr_FloorData[Index];
        WORD currType = Status & 0x1f;
        if (currType == Type) return true;
        Index += (currType <= 0x04) ? 2 : 1;
    }while ((Status & 0x8000)==0);

    return false;
I am aware of Paolone's notice that code in trng.cpp should not be changed or replaced, but given that the future prospects of TRNG updates seem very hazy, I think it might as well be replaced. If Paolone would ever come back and release a new TRNG update, he could just replace the old function with this one.

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Thank you guys, for making/sharing it!
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