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Originally Posted by Mani_Man View Post
What a weird Thread title OP, i wasnt sure what to expect at first.

I dont know why, but the teaser works.
Maleficent shouldnt have worked in the first place, but it was surprisingly fun.
This looks visual really not bad.
Michell Pfeifer played Catwoman and Angelina played Lara Croft
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Linoshi Croft
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Angie rocked in the first one, but was ultimately let down by a terribly written plot. This one looks like it could have potential. Colour me intrigued.
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The teaser didn't give any indication of what the plot is, but it's intriguing!

I wonder why her magic is a poisonous green instead of the golden 'good' magic from the first? Maybe she gets malicious again
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Originally Posted by ActuallyArlow View Post
Michell Pfeifer played Catwoman and Angelina played Lara Croft
Im very aware of that my friend, still i wasnt really sure what to expect from such a thread title.
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