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LIKE: Classic texture variety, fun timed run and jumps, water rooms with a purpose, cutscenes, new objects, nice outfits. TR3 and Chronicles related games.

HATE: TR4 themes, wrong classic outift (a lot of levels) even CD doesn't get it right, getting stuck in the beginning, no hints, long pushables, wallpapering, anything TR reboot related, long flybys.

MISS: Classic level sets, TR1 type levels, imaginative home levels, boss fights, feeling complete after finishing the level.
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Like: good realistic animations, mid-difficulty levels, AOD Lara models, platforming over exploration, ring inventory, flashlight script, horror themes, good cutscenes.

Hate: bad animations (or ones that are too over the top), long crawling sections, long pushable sections, too dark areas (with no flares/flashlight), too long unskipable flybys (unless they are telling a good story).

Miss: some ledge hoping (mixed with good platforming), AoD themed levels.
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  • Seeing places you're about to see before you see them. Actually reaching them afterwards feels super rewarding.
  • Platforming. Mostly vertical. I love having to look and think about the path I'll have to take to go somewhere. Kinda like St Francis Folly, Tomb of Ancients, etc.
  • Atmospheric cities that actually feel like real cities. The Jerusalem Project nailed it in its dusk level.
  • Extra sceneries added outside of the gameplay area to make the world look endless.
  • Levels with some story behind them. Not just "Lara heard about some artifact and goes get it", something actually interesting.
  • Being able to choose your own path to go somewhere instead of having only one way.
  • Non-linear levels (where you have several tasks and you can do them in the order you want).
  • Levels with one main focus point/goal. Like one big central puzzle (like small tasks to make one big mechanism work), or one main mechanic as a focus.

  • Lighting that makes no sense (random black spots, clear sky outdoor areas with no sun, random super bright rays that are brighter than the sky or in different directions, etc). It breaks the immersion.
  • Random epic music, especially for something that is nothing so special. It's awkward, and epic music almost always feels out of place in TRLE levels.
  • Long slow flybys that you can't skip AND that spoil the fun by showing a whole area instead of letting the player have fun discovering it.
  • Yet another Croft Manor that has no real purpose or something actually interesting. Most of the time I look a bit, see that it's basically the same thing again with a few variations only, and skip it.
  • Switches/keys that don't show what they do.
  • Having to search a huge level from A to Z for a key that is hidden in the grass in a dark spot under a pushable box behind some rocks etc etc. Or anything similar that makes you wander around with no idea where to look.
  • Levels where you have to run from one end to another end endlessly with no indication whatsoever of what you should do (for some reason these are always rated super high).
  • Big sequences of traps with nowhere to rest.
  • Anything that requires perfect timing of pixel perfect jumping (or worst, both at a time).
  • Basically (and it connects to the 2 last previous points), having to try something again and again before being able to succeed. This is not what you call challenging, it's cheap and frustrating.
  • Too dark levels. I'm sorry, 90% of the time it's NOT to the player to calibrate their display. If you're building in the dark with a nice display, good for you, but some people don't or can't play in the dark because it hurts their eyes. And if they can play other games just fine and the only problem is your game, then it's your game that is too dark, not their monitor.
  • Those so called trle.net reviewers that review almost everything but are never happy and will give low ratings to anything that is not "classic Tomb Raider" (even if it is not meant to be) or to their taste.

  • Cutscenes. I mean actual cutscenes, with dedicated animations, close-ups (the camera work is often awful in TRLE levels, super far, super high, constantly moving, etc). Not just a simple flyby moving here and there and showing the characters talking in their standing animation.
  • Actually original puzzles. Searching for a key or for a switch is okay when it's used from time to time. When a level only has that and only that, it's just boring.
  • New creatures as enemies. We often have humans, tigers... generic enemies, but nothing really new. It would b great if they had new abilities, don't know, walking on walls, moving super fast, etc. But I'm aware it's hard in TRLE.
  • Ancient places where humans recently settled to try to open them... but you manage to actually get there before them anyway. Like it's a race with the vilain, and it shows in the level with them having put their stuff there aleady (Tomb Raider Legend, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine...).
  • Places that seemed to have an actual purpose for the people who built them. Random pretty rooms is not enough to make them memorable.
  • Jump scares. For example an old trap that suddenly appears but breaks and ends up not hurting you (I'm not talking of sudden trap that appears and kills you and you have to reload to try again to avoid it). That can act as a warning when you're about to get in a room with many traps (hopefully not too much).
  • Kinda similar to the previous one: traps that only activate when you're near them or walking on something (and you can avoid activating them if you're careful enough). Most of the time they're already there so it doesn't really suprise you or seem like the environment is "alive".
  • Environments that feel alive. As said above it can be traps that only activate when you're near, but also birds, people, cars, etc, depending on the setting. A flame or a waterfall is nice but it's not enough to feel like something is going on. Turning on big mechanisms for example would work great in places where it was previously off.
  • Special secret areas.

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Tomb Raidering
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  • Tomb Raider Chronicles/AOD SFX
  • Tomb Raider Chronicles/AOD themed levels
  • Rainy levels
  • Snowy levels
  • Calm, idyllic levels
  • Tomb Raider 4 SFX (Laraís grunts )
  • Desert - Egypt levels
  • Bizzare levels (epileptic, buggy, complex)
  • Clashing classic art styles (for eg. TR4 Lara in TR1 caves)
  • Maria Doria/Venice TR2 themed levels
  • Chronicles HUD
  • Grappling gun
  • Mouth-moving cutscenes
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  • Classic levels. NG levels look nice but they lack the grit, atmosphere and nostalgic charm of the classics.
  • Levels with a story behind it. Animated cutscenes are even better.
  • Mansion levels that are built from the ground up using the level builder's imagination rather than ripping the TR2 prj and slapping on a new coat of paint.
  • Balanced gameplay of platforming, puzzle solving, exploration and combat. Too much of one and not enough of the others can make for a boring experience.

  • LAU Trilogy moves. The engine wasn't designed for them and most of the time they're both glitchy and horribly animated.
  • Pitch perfect jumps that even the most experienced gamer finds to be impossible.
  • Wallpaper textures and bad lighting
  • Inappropriate music that doesn't belong in Tomb Raider. Everytime I hear a soundtrack from another videogame, movie, TV show or pop artist it completely kills the immersion and the level for me. Even music from the Crystal Dynamics games feels out of place most of the time. Stick with classic music only.
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There are plenty of things I like and miss but really I just want to complain about this one thing quick -

Levels that drop you into a large environment with absolutely no indication of what you are supposed to be doing or where to go. All too often you start a level and it opens with a lot of different places to explore with locked doors everywhere and no indication of how to open them. You just wander around until you find a key or switch somewhere. If I spend the first 10 minutes or so of a level aimlessly wandering and not sure what to do, I usually quit and never come back. Non linear gameplay and exploration are great, but I dislike when a level opens this way. I much prefer when the builder starts the level with a more narrow scope that slowly expands into a more complex level. Frankly, hold the players' hand at first before you turn them loose. Hook them with something fun and easy, then go bigger. If the level doesn't "hook me" in those first few minutes, I move on.
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  • Being greeted with a massive open and visually stunning area of a level after a series of challenging aspects.
  • Non-linear exploration that requires a sharp eye to pin point well hidden locations in order to proceed.
  • Accurate recreation of a certain intended style that makes it feel like you are playing the original version.
  • Large puzzles that make good use of the surrounding environment.

  • Objects being used in a level that does not fit to the style of the location it is set in.
  • Spawning an absurd amount of enemies in a small area to the point it is unrealistically crowded.
  • Creating an impossible challenge that should require some explanation or clue in game in order to solve.

  • Cannot really say that I miss anything since we still see old things that we used to this very day.
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Talos Munera
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- Original stories and levels
- Cutscenes
- Gameplay "not classic TR"
- Fandub and subtitles in the cutscenes
- Help Hint (like Survival Instincts)
- Strong atmosphere in the levels

- Time trials!
- Levels without a story
- Remakes, remakes and remakes!
- Everything about Tomb Raider 1
- Classic levels without soul (not all!)
- Very difficult gameplay (I'm not a great player)
- Secrets... puah!

- A very strong custom level looks like a Rise of the TR set.
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- Original croft manor levels (especially christmas ones)
- Not too difficult but not too easy levels
- New objects that can interacted
- New animations
- My favourite levels are with minecarts (I hope tr5main will have minecart as they are my favourite vehicles)

- Levels where no hint is provided
- Boring gameplay that makes me leave after few minutes
- Tr4 Lara outfit

- Minecart levels
- Train levels

Thatís all what I could think of.
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