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Default Replacing Lara's grunts on karnak.was

Please, I'm needing some help with sound editing.

I'm simply trying to replace the TRLR Lara's grunts by AOD's grunts in karnak.was level. I don't want to remove or to add anything else. Just to replace.

I'm trying to do that using LevelSFX Creator and WADMerger, but ingame, whenever I try to run it, the sounds don't play and the other ones also get a little buggy.

I've already edited the sounds.txt file inside the Sounds folder, and also added the AOD sounds on the Samples Folder. When I try to rebuild the karnak.TOM using tom2pc.exe, it doesn't find my new file (even if I rename it EXACTLY as the original one that I'm wishing to replace, ex: lar_jmp.wav)

Does someone know why this could possibly be happening?
How can I just replace one sound file that's being used by a .was level?

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Quoting my PM reply to you so people will know what has already been suggested:
Could be that your sounds are not in the proper format.
Make sure they are in the format described here: https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...47&postcount=2
I always use Cool96 for converting sounds to the proper format, but I think that program has been replaced with a similar (free) one.

I use TRLE Sound Editor now, which is easier for editing the sounds.txt and converting to new .sam and .sfx files for the wad.
No more hassle with the DOS-based old way of converting the sounds.
Here's the thread on that program: https://www.tombraiderforums.com/sho...d.php?t=202077
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Lets not forget that Tomb Editor also provides Sound Tool, which is another amazing way to replace and edit sound files, it also supports a new file format for sound libraries, which is a XML file.

It is even bundled with a TR4 xml reference file.
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Just wanted to add a little something.
I'm happy the problem is solved, however in the future please avoid PMing + VMing people for your issues.
Posting a thread is enough, and even the better solution actually, because anyone who knows the answer can reply. Plus, the thread can be read by other people so they can read the solution as well if they run into the same issue.
Also, people you PM may not see the thread and will try to answer to you but they might not have the time, and in cases like this one your issue might be solved even before they get to reply, so in the end they will have wasted time.
Or they might just not know the answer at all.
Thank you.
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