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Zac Medley
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Originally Posted by phoolee13 View Post
I know that Tomb Ripper doesn't run while the game is played... Could I use my windows computer to convert and then transfer to my Mac?
Potentially, yes. It all depends on whether or not the MAC version stores the game data in .BIG files. Start by looking through all of the game directories to see what is there.

Tomb Ripper searches the .BIG files for the .DDS content and saves it. Then you have to search through all the .DDS files to find the textures that you want to edit. When you are done the Tomb Ripper recompiles a new version of the .BIG file with your edited .DDS content.

Or if you want to use mods that are already available, the Tomb Ripper will overwrite portions of a .BIG file with which ever textures are in the mod you want to run. That's whay you have to keep backups. At Tomb Raider HUB you may notice that a lot of the early Legend mods were made with Tomb Ripper, but as TexMod use began to really take off people stopped using it.

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I don't have any.anything files... Mac doesn't use .jpg or .gif to read the file, it just reads it. That being said, I couldn't find any .BIG files. BUT I found "BIGfiles000 - BIGfiles???"

Which one of these "BIGfiles" should I replace? (Or should I even try?)

Thanks again for the suggestions!
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I'm pretty sure that the "Bigfiles" are the outfits because in the TRhub tutorial for tomb ripper , we can see at the 3rd screenshot : " ARCHIVE : BIGFILE.004 " and in the app there is a file named " BIGFILE.004 "

But when I copy the .app on bootcamp (it becomes a folder ) , and use it on tomb ripper , it doesn't work

Please help =D

Thank's .
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Tomb Raider
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The Bigfiles are not outfits - they are massive files which contain data for a large chunk of the game, including textures for the outfits. I am not sure how Macs work, but for PC, you can't use Tomb Ripper on a bigfile that exists outside the Legend folder. So you can copy a bigfile elsewhere to keep it as a backup (in case you don't want to backup individual files, and don't want to go through the hassle of reinstalling the game every now and again). But you'll have to use Tomb Ripper on the bigfiles that are in the folder Legend is installed in.
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Default Super super late response

I am playing Rise of the Tomb Raider on macbook, because my macbook has a better GPU.

I processed the mod on a Windows PC and copied the file (bigfile.update3.000.000.tiger in my case) over to macOS install folder. The model file is the same for Windows and Mac. So it just worked.

Hope this trick can help anyone looking for a macOS mod solution.
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Originally Posted by Zac Medley View Post
There is a whole 'nother approach to modding TRA and TRL using Tomb Ripper that might work (emphasis on might)...
Most of us use Texmod as its far easier to use to modify the textures, though I have only used it for modding in PC games, as that's what it was intended for.

You can really get good effects, like in my video below, using an 80 year old Lara. Poor Old Lara

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