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Default Lara Croft's Tomb Raiders tabletop roleplaying game

Lara Croft's Tomb Raiders is a passion project of Crystal Dynamics Senior Technical Designer Matthew Gaston, who has been developing it since 2007 and playtesting internally since 2009.

In Lara Croft's Tomb Raiders, players will assume the roles of fictional characters in the mysterious world of Tomb Raider. These characters work for Lara Croft, who has more leads to follow than she has time to follow them. Players will explore ancient sites to discover information and artifacts - guided by the campaign's Raid Master.

Campaigns will focus on knowledge, language, and investigative skills in addition to action-oriented skills to keep it true to the franchise roots. Lara Croft's Tomb Raiders will include the core rulebook and the first campaign book, Mark of the Phoenix.
Announced on 28 October 2021 on the Official Tomb Raider Blog as part of Tomb Raider 25.

Our section on Lara Croft's Tomb Raiders

Lara Croft's Tomb Raiders Covers

Lara Croft's Tomb Raiders Conceptual Artwork

Lara Croft's Tomb Raiders Illustrations

Lara Croft's Tomb Raiders Sample Sheets

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Lara Croft's Tomb Raiders is a passion project of Crystal Dynamics Senior Technical Designer Matthew Gaston, who has been developing it since 2007 and playtesting internally since 2009
That detail intrigues me. No slapdashing this game

Oh sweet, a new section lol. I have the Legends game but have never played it. Has anyone around here?
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Could have this been the scrapped "Croft Academy" project? Looks fun, but I hope the Tomb Raider school idea doesn't carry on to the main game.
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Sweet! I think this might be establishing the team of students as a real thing in the next timeline but that doesn't necessarily mean it has to take up much of the next game. It can be like a b-story while the main campaign is something more important. Or they can just exist and be used for missions at the manor to have people to gather intel from so it's not just zip and Alister but an actual research group. Maybe one student assigned to each location to be an intel specialist. And you can globe trot and get away from the team stationed at the manor, and check in with zip on the headset who manages them with Alister. I really hope Jonah goes and retires and lives his life with abby. We had so much of him for 3 games I think it's time to go the way of Sam. Not looking forward to that character in the cartoon that much. Maybe the cartoon can wrap up his story and he can be gone by the next game along with camilla (no offense. thank you for your service). It sounds kind of like How to Get Away With Murder, where they're students assisting the head lawyer and the stakes are higher than a normal group of interns because they're tied to real cases and get in the middle of their own trouble.
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