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Legend is truly a legendary game, though only my 4th favorite I love it for so many reasons! It's endless replay value, the unlockable outfits, and cheats (I was so sad when I finished all time trials and collected all awards on my ps2)
and the Soundtrack is a chef's kiss worth, it's definitely in my Top 3 Favorite TR Soundtracks, especially the Nepal soundtracks... Gosh someone is cutting onions in here right now!
The show will begin momentarily, everyone please stay in your seats.
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Originally Posted by UroshUchiha View Post
Happy 15th birthday TRL!
I still remember being a kid back then with my jaw on the floor when I saw a poster of TRL in a magazine I read back then called ScreenFun.

And once I finally managed to play the game I thought that the graphics couldn't get more realistic than this. I was in awe.
Yessss, screenfun gang! I loved that magazine and that's also how i found out then that there's a new rebooted tomb raider coming out called Tomb raider legend so i waited and when it finally came out, i went to buy it on the first day. Love it still to this day, nostalgic game for me and TRLAU was my favorite era even though i know a lot of people don't like it that much.
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