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Default Quirks with TombATI Install?


I'm new to trying to patch things like this etc. But I initally followed a youtube video to do a manual install of the various files for the game, all seemed to work fine, but then I realised the config file/tombati was an older version and it seemed you couldn't get the HD FMV to work with that.

I eventually found this link (http://www.glidos.net/tombati.html?lang=en) posted on the forum and just downloaded installed it, but the opening Core FMV is very slow and the main menu is as well if I get to it, so the game isn't working right.

Not sure whats wrong as it ran well on my first install of the older version.

I added my initial install to Steam as well and that also had made the FMV lag, but the game still ran fine after getting past them.


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