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Unhappy Relic Run - Sahara / Mountain Pass failed to download

Hello everyone

I have an issue with Relic Run on Android, where it fails to download the Sahara and Mointain Pass map packs, once I have unlocked them.

I've posted about this in the Relic Run thread, but unfortunately nearly no one seems to frequent that section, so I'm trying here again.

I'm just quoting myself to make my issue clear:

Originally Posted by ANoDE View Post
I've now managed to get to mountain pass - and the same issue arises all over again, only this time, the game won't load the section on any of my devices

I managed to find out, where Android stores the downloaded packages, though - so if someone who can currently play Mountain Pass would be kind enough to share me their

folder (preferably as a zip), I'd be really greatful.

Thanks in advance.
If anyone has a running Android installation (on the most recent paych) with Mountain Pass downloaded already, please get in touch with me. Square Enix support is utterly useless in this matter, so I'm depending on you folks' goodwill.

Thanks and happy raiding,
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