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Originally Posted by Girafarig32 View Post
When the game first was released, I liked Japan best-- probably because I was younger, liked the city, and Lara's "assets"
& now im gay
I presume you mean her weapons and gear, right?
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Bolivia - My fondness for this level has decreased over time. There's nothing wrong with it, especially in the context of the entire title, but I'm not especially engaged with anything in it until the discovery of the Dais and the flashback to Lara's past.

Peru - I'm apparently in the minority here. I absolutely love the Peru flashback sequence. I like the set piece puzzle. I like the narrative importance. Yes, the motorcycle sequence is a chore and that's also true of Kazakhstan, but stripped of that, it's one of the moments I enjoy the most.

Japan - I'm not really a fan of introducing the Yakuza into any story where they are a just a side element to be discarded later. Saying that, I like the sequences between Nishimura's building and Takamoto's building, and the fight with Takamoto is one of the more challenging combats in the game, so I can live with it. It also has my favorite Zip line in the game, so that helps.

Ghana - It opens well, slows down, picks back up, and then Rutland fight is tedious. Like Bolivia, I've become less fond of it over time, and it doesn't have the benefit of the Dais narrative to prop it up.

Kazakhstan - I like it as much as Bolivia. I think modern tombs/wrecks are just as interesting as ancient ones. I enjoyed everything here but the motorcycle sequences.

England - I think it's overrated, but it certainly isn't bad. The serpent fight is out of place, and its existence bothers me. Where does it come from? How has it survived? This is not a deal breaker, mind you, but the serpent does stand out amongst everything in the LAU narrative as something that feels in-congruent. Even the Mysterious Entity, as odd as it was, doesn't feel quite so out of place.

Nepal - I wonder what the fandom would think of this game, this narrative, this trilogy, if the line "That's where you're wrong, Zip. This is always what it's been about" was excised from this chapter. I ask this rhetorically, mind you, but is something to ponder. Otherwise, I'm fine with it.

Bolivia Redux - Gets a bad rap for its brevity. Not sure why. It ends the game well, resolves most of the narrative elements, and was one of the first times I actually felt a sense of grandeur or even heroic scale in a Tomb Raider game. Lara, holding an ancient artifact of immense power, facing a former friend also holding an ancient artifact of immense power, both of them battling upon the ruins of yet another ancient artifact. Neither of them willing to compromise, both of them arrogant, both of them assured of their respective paths. Nothing ever matched this for me. Not Natla in Atlantis, not the Bartoli dragon, nothing. Its conclusion is a still a moment that gets me excited for the next chapter, (either TRA or TRU, depending on your perspective) and it remains to this day one of my favorite bits of the entire franchise.

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Least Favourite: England. It's so boring, and I never really liked the Arthur Mythology in a Tomb Raider game in the first place. The part I liked was the giant serpent though.

Favourite: Kazakhstan. I love the feel of this one, kind of like an industrial tomb. It's awesome. Just a shame it didn't go for longer.

Tbh, I liked them all. I've played the game so many times too that the levels kind of blur together. I have to remember back to what I first thought as now it's like, I just see the whole game and all the levels as one. I also like Kazakhstan the most because it has more Amanda.

Woohoo!! Go Amanda! Even if you were boring and plain in TRU!
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Favourite: Ghana or Nepal, I just love the scenery in both and Ghana especially feels the most TR to me. Least liked: Kazakhstan, the modern setting and the tedious bike ride.
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