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Super Amigo
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Default Hello friends! Here's some about my relationship with TR

I'm a big fan of the classic TR games along with Indy Infernal Machine. Contrary to most people I hated the grid system when it was released (I was on the Mario 64 bandwagon), but ended up loving it quite a few years after.

I'm still looking for the perfect version of TR1, which as for today seems to be OpenLara, even in its unfinished state. Tombati with all the updates is looking good too, and plays way better as it is a more mature build, but I still can't fully accept its graphical roughness regarding lighting and shadows, it all looks so flat and evenly illuminated.

So my favorite classic games are 4-5 (tie) and 3, as they are the ones that comply with the minimum modern standards regarding compatibility and effects.

I consider 4 to be the best in general, but its flawed because of its over the top length, repetitiveness (a side effect of the former) and too contrived levels. Sometimes it feels like work, but when it shines, its the greatest of the bunch. I also like "The Times" mini game/demo a lot.

So that leaves 5 as possibly my favorite, since it's the more polished of the classics and offers shorter, more varied levels. If you consider Chronicles as an expansion of Last Revelation (which IMHO it is), then it becomes easier to give it a better review

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tlr online
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Welcome to the forum Super Amigo.
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Cat Woman
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Welcome from Cat Woman. Enjoy.
Pharaoh´s Tomb
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The most lovely people on entire world: BlackWolfTR, SnipingSaix and Steven35175
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