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Wow. I'm shocked. Like I said in the other thread, I didn't know him that well other than from what he posted here, but he seemed like a great person and definitely a huge loss.

R.I.P., Spong. I hope this turns out to be a fake email and he's okay.
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Oh my thats so sad genuinely a major loss for tomb raider as a whole rip
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I can't believe this, i knew he was unwell but i had no idea it was so serious. I keep expecting him to burst back onto trf the way only spong can. He's gonna be missed
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We actually pm'med end of May about his condition.

oh gosh. This actually hits me hard.

r.i.p. Dan. You'll sincerely be missed.
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Desperately sad news, and a huge loss for the whole TR community. We will miss you, Dan
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Eddie Haskell
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Terrific guy, always went out of my way to read his posts. My deepest sympathies to his family and loved ones.
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Very tragic news, he was a great contributor to the community.

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When I saw the thread title my heart sunk a bit. Very shocked to hear this. Spong was a hilarious member who spoke the truth and said it how it is, and I did notice that I hadn't seen a post from him in a while. I wasn't aware of his condition though.

Rest in peace Spong.
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Oh my god. I was so worried but I thought maybe he just needed personal space or something. No idea he had passed... :O <3
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I could honestly cry at this news. Dan, you were a font of dry wit and humour that belied some incredibly astute observations about many an interesting topic. You have been taken from this world so suddenly. Rest in peace.
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