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Patrick star
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IKR ? it's such a shame
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He still comes up in the predictive search, first result is this thread.
im not a gamer so i dont have any health advice or know anything about diet
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Patrick Shannon
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And just recently, the four-year anniversary of rr_carroll's passing... both he and Spong were very special to these forums, and continue to be missed...
Here's to our beloved bug scientist, rr_carroll: R.I.P. July 11, 2013

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I don't know him too well, so I can't say alot about him, but I've heard nothing but good things about him, passed away too young, too soon, RIP Spong, you will be missed and my condolences are with his friends and family, life is unfair these days.
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So sad to see him go still think about what he'd think about the series now. He left a big impact on here.
Does anybody really read these?!
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*sigh* Damn, seeing this thread upsets me. Spent many many great hours on the phone with this guy. =/
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