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Thank you Chi for this nice little xmas video . It was fun to watch,
loved the animations
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The Great Chi
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Thanks guys.

The moving of the airship.....

One of the most complicated animations was moving the airship, which was really a static item fixed in game space using co-ordinates X, Y and Z.
(see right hand side of photo below).

I had to make the airship turn round and dock at the living quarters, so used picture frame animation, taking one picture at a time by moving the airship in game space, plus the two rotating propellers and the imps on board, by changing the co-ordinates of each one click at a time. It was very time consuming with many pictures taken to create movement, but eventually had the airship moving and docking as shown on the video. It was a lot of work, but got there in the end

Humble words by The Great Chi
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That was so funny Chi

The imps were great, but why did they keep chunking lumps out of Laras legs with the pick axes, when they were wanting to be saved? I suppose you were stuck with the digging animation.
Really like the the snowy scenery and the characters, Pierre and Larson were very funny with their dance movements, and the teddy bear was hilarious

The deaths were crazy fun, with the aircraft pilot falling to his death, but felt no pain as he had been anaesthetised by the dart gun LOL, and the poor miner falling and going through the vent shaft blades, what a way to go, and especially at Christmas

Pity youtube always messes up everyone songs with that third party music copyright stuff, but you got round that with having a download instead. Thanks.
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