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Joe Derivative
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Default Blender objects invisible in XNALara


newcomer here. I have been playing around with XNA Posing Studio for a while, and in Blender too. I'm a Blender noob and I don't fully understand the basics. What I need to do is conceptually very simple, but it doesn't work, no matter what I do.

Quite simply I drew a few meshes in Blender. I want to export them to XNALara so that they're visible there just as they are in Blender. The XNA Export plugin is sort of wonky and doesn't really work, so I'm exporting as OBJ.

The error I get in XPS is that there was no diffuse texture defined for the material I'm using. I donn't really understand why, since it was clearly specified in Blender, but indeed the diffuse texture wasn't there in the MTL file. I added it manually, typing map_Kd [texture_name_here]. At that point I no longer got any errors, but there's absolutely nothing showing in the XPS viewer when I finally open the object. The "root" item appears on the list, but the viewer is empty.

I noticed that I was hardly the first to have this sort of problem and I found XNAaraL's old guides for it, but they're not very clear and full of broken links. They were of no help.

I suspect I need to add armatures\bones or something like that, but as said I don't know the basics, so I'm not sure how to do it or if that's even the problem. I'm not trying to do anything fancy - I just need to import a few simple geometric shapes of a certain size in XPS.

I'd be grateful for any help! Thanks!
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Lightbulb How to assign textures

  • Are you sure that you have unwrap your mesh?
  • Are you sure that you have tell Blender to use the UV texture, before saving the model?
  • Have you ask the author of the Blender export script?

  • Have you try "XPS-->Material Editor ..." to applying the textures?
  • Have you watch the "lession 9" about "Table with all render group numbers" on the "mesh-modding-on-line-courses" of the XNALara forum?
  • can you provide such an "invisible Blender object"? Bullet 2. "What model does this happen on? Please post a download link.". You are likely to be ignored, if you make A or B.
  • Are you sure that a XNALara forum is the right place to ask question about XPS?
Link removed. - Why ? google, google “Google is your friend!”

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