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Default Bucket of Water as an opposite to Burning Torch Item

Would such a setup be possible?

The idea is that the bucket of water is actually held by Lara in-game (so a meshswap would be needed) and you fill it up like a waterskin object in shallow water, then instead of lighting flames you have you put them out.

The pouring water animation could be used wherever there is a flame emitter 2, except it functions as an antitrigger. You could put a heavyantitrigger condition to trigger an event from extinguishing the flame. Either making it safe to cross a fiery corridor or fill another small area with water?

Any thoughts on a potential setup?
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Doesn't the waterskin already put out fires? Or does it not work on flame emitter 2, just the other one?
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This is a cool concept Reggie, but do you really want the bucket to be held like the torch consistently? This would limit Lara's actions if you would literally copy the torch setup. So, she can't climb on anything while holding the bucket, she can't pull any switches, she can't pull her guns out, and she can drop it anytime and anywhere, or drops it automatically when landing in water. So there would need to be a few buckets in the map just in case.

Titak uses the waterskin/bucket setup in her Mists of Avalon mansion, and in that case it's really just the waterskin, meaning it is filled with water and has a place in Lara's inventory, not a permanent item she is holding. She does the meshswap when pouring out the water, and extinguishes a fire in the fireplace. Maybe she'll post here and describe her setup for this.

From a gameplay perspective, I think it would be more pleasant to have the bucket simply be an inventory item like a waterskin, and if you want Lara to extinguish multiple flames or fires, then I think as a gamer I'd have more fun simply always having to find a 1-click-deep puddle or pool of water to re-fill the bucket and extinguish the fire, as opposed to having it be something Lara is permanently holding and so limiting her actions as the torch would.

But again, a good gameplay concept all around.
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Yes, I definitely want Lara's actions to be limited when carrying a bucket of water around. Adding limits for the player in certain situations will get them to think creatively about platforming and workarounds. Also, I'm trying as much as possible to avoid going into the inventory to make things happen in-game. A 1:1 opposite to burning torch would be a fun concept.
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There is a field that represents lara's carried weapon, which also contains a Torch entry. You may change it to "Torch" when you pickup the bucket
The question is how to swap the Torch animations with bucket animations though.
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