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Originally Posted by mizuno_suisei View Post
Plugin Request!

This one already exists however - but I'd adore if it could be modified.

I'd like the Plugin_AutomaticFOV.dll to be edited to do NOTHING.

I don't like the effect in-game - i've tried all resolutions and the sides of the screen just warp for me.

If I remove it from the game's directory - the new FOV is awesome! i really like it!! however by removing that dll, it then corrupts other existing dll plugins i.e. classicinventory- such as I cannot go DOWN a tier in the inventory - my stopwatch item says 68569496849390 x Statistics - and the game crashes when I shoot her pistols haha.

I would without a doubt, use a 'dummy' automaticfov.dll on every modern TRLE level I download ongoing if I could!- it's irked me for a while.

I've looked into dll recreation with the src file but i am 100% lost - if any one is a wizz - would really appreciate it!
Some people like me use this plugin because it has a side effect of fixing the flyby fovs at the end of sequences. I wonder when people will stop deleting plugins thinking the game will play properly
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Originally Posted by mizuno_suisei View Post
I'd like the Plugin_AutomaticFOV.dll to be edited to do NOTHING.
The only thing I can complain with this plugin is the fact that it moves the keypad numbers outside of the keypad box you see on thе screen. This looks really weird, and I still not decided whether to use cutted version of screen but with digits on their place, or use plugin and live with keypad digits moved away...
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