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Who is Dr Niles???
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Originally Posted by Johnnay View Post
Who is Dr Niles???
One of the producers and arrangers for one of the best english band in the world The Pet Shop Boys. He's very talented

This song Left To My Own Devices (it's a classic from the 1989 album Introspective) is the one Peter Connely talk about the reasons why he "feel in love" with the style of Richard Niles (because he was using instruments,opera choir and electronics flavor all at once in one track).

He have produced and arranged a lot for some great artists

When you look at Tomb Raider it only made sence because all these styles are combined into the musical heart of the franchise since the beginning. The delicacy and the refinement of the musical instruments, the exciting beats of electronics sounds and some voices who add something grandiose and a cinematic flair to it.

What I really like about him (Peter Conelly) he sounds to have a lot of knowledge, artistic tastes and a proper sensibility so I have no doubt it will be interesting to see what he could do with him.
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Originally Posted by Ellioft View Post
So Tina Guo,Julie Elven the brass section are just coming if they raised enough on the shop,that's right ?
No as I understood they are deffo part of the project. However the amount of tracks they'll be part of will depend of the additional money they'll get with the shop.

I was so happy when I read these news yesterday. I was hoping that they could do something like this and now it's confirmed! Yay!
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55 quid for a single vinyl?! Are they joking?!
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Originally Posted by Helegad View Post
55 quid for a single vinyl?! Are they joking?!
They've upped the price from the Kickstarter campaign to help draw funds for stretch goals.
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