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For some strange reason, my FLEP is not updating the Tomb4.exe with the changes. I am running the FLEP.exe program (with the latest patches.flp file from 21st October) but no changes are being applied. I am on Windows 11. I can see that when I patch it , the Tomb4.exe file gets replaced with a new version but no changes are made.

Any tips?
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FLEP doesn't update tomb4.exe anymore. It now modifies external patches.bin file to avoid antivirus false positives.

The reason why you see tomb4.exe still being updated is because current version of patch set has a bug which always modifies tomb4.exe even if there were no changes. This bug will be fixed when ChocolateFan will release new patch set.
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Sorry for the late answer. Thanks for helping me!

Originally Posted by Caesum View Post
I have reinstalled Windows 10 and now I also have the same error. I have all the files. Delca's Kitten Adventure level also shows the same error now. Not sure what to do.

EDIT: Chocolate helped me. Apparently my Windows 10 installation had Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package missing. Downloaded it for both x86 and x64 and everything works correctly now.
You can download it "here". The links redirect to another Microsoft site and you will need to either log into your microsoft account or create one. There you can search for "redistributable 2010" package and it should let you download.
Yesterday I moved to Windows 11 and have the same problem again. But then I have the idea and removed all plugins from my project and add it again. Now I have no errors. I'm not sure what was the problem.

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