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Arrow Maximum Kills With The UPV (Lud's Gate)

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQRyKZLiQMA

I wanted to complete Lud's Gate with maximum kills done with the minisub. With a lot of the vehicles from the Tomb Raider series you can kill the enemies by simply driving into them. That's not the case with the minisub; you have to kill enemies by firing harpoons at them while riding the minisub. The number of enemies that you can kill with the minisub would normally be limited as you're meant to only be able to use the minisub in the water. However, by doing the UPV glitch I was able to kill every enemy as well as The Damned while using the minisub. The total number of kills that I end the level with is twenty, which is the highest that can possibly be achieved in this level.

As well as only being allowed to kill enemies with the minisub, I also have the following additional restrictions:
All Secrets.
Limited Saves.
No Healthpacks.

To elaborate on "Limited Saves", I have to play as if I entered the level without any savegame crystals. Meaning that the number of savegame crystals that I collect is the number of times that I'm allowed to save, and I have to collect the crystal before I can save. I entered the level with 51 savegame crystals, which means that I need to have a minimum of 52 savegame crystals in order to be allowed to save.

The UPV glitch causes my airbar to freeze and enables me to take the minisub out of the water and fly around in the air with it. The only downside is that you can't shoot harpoons while you're doing the glitch. If you drive the minisub into the ground and dismount it then it is possible to get back onto it. Your airbar will start to go down but you'll be able to shoot harpoons. Doing the UPV glitch again will freeze your airbar but disable your ability to fire harpoons. It is because of this why you see me dismount the minisub when I'm near enemies and then get back onto it; it's to give myself the ability to be able to kill the enemies. The reasoning for doing the glitch again is to stop my airbar from going down. For some strange reason the first minisub that I aboard could only shoot one harpoon. Because of this I use that minisub to obtain the Embalming Fluid which grants me access to a different minisub which doesn't appear to have any issues with firing harpoons. That minisub is then used for the twenty kills that I produce.
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I never understood why there were savegame crystals in TR3 on the PC game, when they were not in any other PC game (TR1 2 4 5), and the fact that you could save anywhere in a PC game made the savegame crystals redundant.

I assume the savegame crystals was on a TR3 console game, and was just transferred to the PC version, due to lazyness, and not removed. Correct?
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Save crystals are present exactly in TR3PC perryloo - simply theyve been changed to a green health boost when you run through them. They dont add to an item count (they may count as a small medi use - I'm not entirely sure actually!l

Not lazy at all. They changed the Crystal's function hahaha
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