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Default Did any developer from original game series ever contributed to TRLE community?

The question in the title says it all

But I was thinking, did any original developer contributed to our community?

There was a version of the winroomedit that a developer wanted to share in the eidos forums, but he got striked

It could be so much more easy if CD developers collaborated with us, releasing their wad tools, source code. I know that some of the original code from the classic engine has been lost, but anyway, imagine if they contributed with us. For example, several large companies released the complete source code of their games for modders and enthusiasts to work upon.
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One of the developers of the Gold games released a level back in 2001, but that's it, as far as I know.
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It never was clarified. But a user called himself as "Ex Core Design", released a TR2 level. This level is Escape from the Dragon's Lair. It is supposed to be built by an ex Core Design member.
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They did leak some of the TR4/5 dev tools, including Winroomedit and AnimEdit (both TR4 and TR5 versions).
They're pretty much completely useless now, considering all the things we have in the TRLE community, but it's still nice.

Programmers of the community have already exploited the package to get as much knowledge as they could. They also managed to build some PSX version of the tut1 level, but since PSX is so limited it's not
TR5 Winroomedit is slightly different in the way it uses names for the flyby properties window, and has things like sniper camera, but the rest is rather identical to the TR4 one (which is just the same as the TRLE one, except some rendering issues).
AnimEdit was not an animation editor per say, they did all that in 3DS Max, but more an interface to import the animations into projects (to set up anim commands and links), that would then be built into a compiled WAD file, similar to what we got in TRLE (except we are working directly on compiled WADs). But it's missing asset files so we can't really make any use of it anyway.

It was posted here on TRF in the TRLE section around 2012 by Lara's Boyfriend.
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^ oh I didn't know that. nice to read!
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