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Cat Woman
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I also gave Cold Darkness a go (not really into it) but might try it again. I tried Nightmares a couple of times, but got frustrated that you could not save and continue where you left off. I know “gamers” like the thrill of being able to do the complete run through.
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I have tried to play Cold Darkness Awakened many times, but it just isn't for me. I hate everything about it specially the puzzle and having Nadia on headset.
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I didn't think Cold Darkness was too bad. I actually liked how the puzzles were lever focused. Although I wish we could have turned off the head set and let up figure out what we needed to do.

The zombie one at Croft Manor is one I can never beat and don't really like. Would have been cool if it was some really freaky supernatural enemies.
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What really bothered me about Cold Darkness was how annoying the enemies were. I wish there were less of them or they were less obnoxious. Cold Darkness in Co-Op would be really fun.
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I never tried Cold Darkness Awakened...
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Originally Posted by Amunet View Post
I never tried Cold Darkness Awakened...
You aren't missing much...
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