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Default Microsoft discless console

Lots of rumors circulating that Microsoft will be launching a discless version of the Xbox One S early this year. @Jami Thanks for the catch. Trying to type fast always trips me up. Not trying to purposefully mislead anyone


No word yet on price.
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Literally the only reason I bought my One S was for the 4K Blu-ray player. I bought some games and enjoy the backwards compatibility, but the disc drive was the main selling point. I understand removing that might make a lower price point console (but seriously, how much does a disc drive cost?) which might appeal to a more family orientated audience, but the Switch has kind of snatched that market already. I'd guess this would be a test for the next console, but I think we already know what the respone will be.
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You mean the Xbox One S and not the X. It's the S that is to be rumoured getting an all digital model.
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Xbox One S All Digital
Or Xbone SAD for short
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Originally Posted by Lara's home View Post
Xbox One S All Digital
Or Xbone SAD for short
Haha, good one!
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Terrible idea for a console.
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Originally Posted by JsotoTRSaga View Post
Terrible idea for a console.
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I have two major opinions on this, and they're conflicting.

1) It makes sense to release an all digital console. I'm sure they have data which shows how many customers buy only digital games, and that data likely shows a customer base willing to accept that reality. If they can release a version of their console minus the disk drive, that lowers the cost for them, while providing something a section of their users will actually use. And the disk versions of the Xbone will still exist.

2) This is an extension of the Xbone's launch fiasco with online-only and no-used games, and this is their sad attempt at trying to push an all-digital future where they have total control of ownership of games as well as enforcing strict DRM.

So yeah, little concerned, little optimistic.
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I think it's a great idea as long as it's 1TB! I wish something like this existed more than a year ago when I decided to go all digital.
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Lyle Croft
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That's gonna suck for portions of the world with poor internet.
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