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Version 1.6.1 is now released along with TEN 1.0.3 update!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Add SwapMoveableMesh, RunLuaScript and RunConditionalLuaScript node functions.
  • Add a group of Lara object node functions.
  • Use shatter attribute in trcatalog.xml to apply static shatter property in TEN.
  • Fix exception when selecting animated textures with unsupported animation type.
  • Fix exception when pushing Ctrl+V in newly opened node editor.
  • Fix objects occasionally not doing drag-n-drop into node editor.
  • Fix level script functions not parsing properly in some cases.
  • Fix sound info chance value packing for TR1-TR3.

  • Added missing state names for the new Lara's TEN animations.
  • Added missing animation names for the new Lara's TEN animations.
  • Fix incorrect remap of pushable blocks to broken TEN slots.

  • Updated PLAY.exe for new game projects.
  • Updated Tomb1Main preset to 2.11.

TEN Version 1.0.3:
  • Add ledge jumps (Lara object must be updated with new animations to make it work).
  • Allow any object slot to be used as a meshswap.
  • Add OCB 1 for rollingball to make it silent.
  • Customize waterfall mist colour and OCB (XXYY, where XX is width, and YY is size).
  • Implement HK shooting modes from TR5.
  • Implement sprite instancing to speed up rendering.
  • Enable dynamic lights for swarm enemies (beetles, rats and bats).
  • Re-enable underwater caustics.
  • Increase amount of maximum secrets per level from 8 to 32.
  • Improve game and inventory input handling.
  • Adjust sprint jump timing.
  • Backport DAMOCLES_SWORD from TR1.
  • Fix going into inventory and load/save dialogs during fade-ins and fade-outs.
  • Fix savegames not preserving save number and game timer.
  • Fix dodgy weapon lock angle constraints.
  • Fix wrong shotgun ammo pickup amount.
  • Fix shotgun using 6 units of ammo with each shot.
  • Fix rocket explosions near statics.
  • Fix explosive crossbow bolts not damaging player.
  • Fix poisoned crossbow bolts not damaging enemies.
  • Fix TR3 monkey level crash.
  • Fix occasional ejections when landing on a slope.
  • Fix occasional ejections when climbing up on a ledge under a slope.
  • Fix pushables not being pushable on top of bridges and other pushables.
  • Fix pushables having incorrect collision when bounding box is bigger than 1 block.
  • Fix grabbing narrow ledges below ceilings.
  • Fix slow centaur projectile velocity.
  • Fix search animations - allow chest and shelf animations to play properly.
  • Fix sarcophagus and its item pickup.
  • Fix underwater door and double doors continuing to be interactable after opening.
  • Fix underwater door being interactable when underwater switch is on the same square.
  • Fix ability to turn when aligning to an object while standing.
  • Fix left arm lock while picking up an item with a flare in hand.
  • Fix potential crashes when exiting game.
  • Fix secret soundtrack (which filename number should be the last) not playing.
  • Fix distance fog not applying properly to additive and subtractive surfaces.
  • Fix swarm enemies and projectiles occasionally drawn using incorrect meshes.
  • Fix single-hand weapons not having a sound on draw and undraw.
  • Fix waterfall mist - it can now be disabled with antitrigger.
  • Fix underwater lever pull animation playing after interacting with underwater ceiling switch.
  • Fix SAS_DRAG_BLOKE object interaction.
  • Fix KILLER_STATUE not triggering.

Lua API changes:
  • A new class has been added, LaraObject, for Lara-specific functions. The built-in "Lara" variable now uses this class.
  • Add functions for Lara object:
    - GetPoison / SetPoison
    - GetAir / SetAir
    - GetOnFire / SetOnFire
    - GetSprintEnergy / SetSprintEnergy
    - GetWet / SetWet
    - GetWeaponType / SetWeaponType
    - UndrawWeapon
    - GetAmmoCount
    - GetHandStatus
    - ThrowAwayTorch
  • Add AttachObjCamera script command for moveables to attach camera to them.
  • Add FlipMap and PlayFlyBy script commands and node functions.
  • Add GetMoveablesBySlot and GetStaticsBySlot script commands to select groups of items.
  • Add FlyCheat option to gameflow script for disabling dozy mode.
  • Add SetTotalSecretCount option to gameflow script to set overall amount of secrets.
  • Raised the maximum value on Moveable.SetHP to 32767 (its internal numeric maximum).

NOTE 1: This update changes string conventions, so some menu strings may display as "not found". You need to update existing Strings.lua in your projects according to the one provided in TEN update archive (in /Scripts folder). New TEN projects created with TIDE 1.6.1 doesn't need that.

NOTE 2: Since version 1.6.1, legacy .NET Framework 4.5 installers are no longer provided. Instead, there are 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) .NET6 installers. TEN template still contains 32-bit builds of TEN in both versions.

Download: 64-bit NET6 installer, 32-bit NET6 installer, TEN update for existing projects.

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Version 1.6.2 is now released along with TEN 1.0.4 update!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Added node functions:
    - PushKey - emulates specified key push.
    - ClearKey - blocks specified key from pushing.
    - SetEffect, SetCustomEffect - assigns an effect to a moveable.
    - TestLaraVehicle - checks if Lara is on a vehicle.
    - TestLaraTargeting - checks if Lara is targeting any enemy.
    - TestLaraTorchIsLit - checks if Lara holds a torch and it is lit.
    - SetMoveablePositionToAnotherMoveable - moves one moveable to another moveable position.
  • Added a group of new node functions for volumes.
  • Don't allow to export nodes if there are no nodes.
  • Filter out AI objects from moveable lists in node editor.
  • Fix minor UI issues in node editor.
  • Fix texture border bleeding in TEN compiler.
  • Fix broken double-sided triangle textures in TEN compiler.
  • Fix several memory leaks related to texture conversion.
  • Fix some objects not linking to triggers in TEN compiler.
  • Fix rename object dialog locking up editor when switching to other app.
  • Fix possible exceptions with gizmo assigned to an object about to be deleted.
  • Fix possible exceptions after using context menus.

  • Automatically correct bounding boxes for standable objects when importing to TEN wad.
  • Fix main window right-click menus not working after visiting other windows.
  • Fix state change editor clamping high frame to one frame less than frame count.
  • TEN Base WAD:
    - Make Lara standing animation less wobbly.
    - Update pose animations to make Lara breath whilst posing.
    - Update minecart animations to include death anim.
    - Add placeholder detachable HK lasersight mesh.
    - Fix Lara animations 464, 466, and 472 which were missing sound effects.
    - Fix Lara train death animation followed by Seth death animation.

  • Update TEN template to include font with extended character set.

TEN: Version 1.0.4
  • Add generic assignable effects for moveables - fire, sparks, smoke and laser / electric ignite.
  • Add ability to burn enemies with FLAME_EMITTER_1 and death blocks.
  • Add wireframe mode and other visual debug information (switch by F10/F11 debug page scroll hotkeys).
  • Activate Lara-bound volume triggers with mounted vehicles.
  • Allow multiple individual activators for the same volume at the same time.
  • Remove TRC remnant which added HK to inventory if pistols weren't available.
  • Change default shatter sound to TR4_SMASH_ROCK (tomb4 default).
  • Reduce idle pose time from 30 to 20 seconds.
  • Automatically align pickups to floor surface.
  • Minecart enhancements:
    - Add landing / jump sound.
    - Add falldamage.
    - Explode in water below 2 click surface.
    - Fix jump.
  • Templar Knight enhancements:
    - Restored spark effects.
    - Can destroy statics in shatter slots.
    - Fix crash when attacking.
  • SAS enhancements:
    - Fix grenade shooting.
    - Fix AI_MODIFY and AI_GUARD behaviour.
  • Fix several renderer performance and room culling issues.
  • Fix choppy camera movement in several cases.
  • Fix Lara's vertical position when shimmying around steep slope corners.
  • Fix legacy pickup triggers not working in certain cases.
  • Fix crawl pickup not actually doing any pickups.
  • Fix demigod and harpy shooting in incorrect directions.
  • Fix particle effects for seth and harpy magic attacks.
  • Fix lasersight always displaying with HK, revolver and crossbow.
  • Fix rapid ammo spending in HK lasersight mode.
  • Fix incorrect string IDs for item combine, HK and revolver with lasersight.
  • Fix puzzle holes not swapping to puzzle done objects.
  • Fix several collision and sound source issues in flipped rooms.
  • Fix several pushable sound and object collision bugs.
  • Fix original bug with incorrect climb up behaviour on ladders under sloped ceilings.
  • Fix original bug with reassigned control keys still triggering default events.
  • Fix TR1 centaur bubble targeting.
  • Fix TR5 autogun rotation.
  • Fix occasional wrong rollingball collision in narrow pits.
  • Fix classic rollingball and big rollingball not behaving properly.
  • Fix caustics not turning off in display settings.
  • Fix windowed mode not using real resolution when DPI scaling is active.
  • Fix control lock not working in flyby sequences.
  • Fix empty inventory when using build and play feature in TE.
  • Fix non-pickupable thrown flares.
  • Fix throwing flare without drawing any weapons if there are no weapons present.
  • Fix several incorrect FOV reset issues.
  • Fix current soundtrack fading into silence if incoming one doesn't exist.
  • Fix crash if there is an attempt to display a string with missing characters.

Lua API changes:
  • Add new Volume class and several methods for it.
  • Add new Moveable functions: GetEffect, SetEffect and SetCustomEffect (for colored fire).
  • Add new Lara functions: GetTarget, GetVehicle and TorchIsLit.
  • Remove Lara functions: SetOnFire and GetOnFire (replaced with GetEffect and SetEffect).
  • Add Gameflow.lua options:
    - Flow.EnableMassPickup for mass pickup functionality.
    - Flow.EnableLaraInTitle for displaying Lara in title flyby.
    - Flow.EnableLevelSelect for title flyby level selection.
    - level.secrets for level-specific secret count.
  • Fix level.ambientTrack property not working for title flyby.
  • Fix action key script functions not fully working in some cases.
  • Fix mounted vehicles ignoring Disable, Shatter and Explode script commands.
  • Fix SetPosition command not updating room number correctly.
  • Fix Rotation class using integers under the hood which prevented using fractional rotation values.
  • Fix distance tests failing on a very high distances.

Download: 64-bit NET6 installer, 32-bit NET6 installer, TEN update for existing projects.

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Version 1.6.3 is now released along with TEN 1.0.5 update!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Add several node functions for room scripting.
  • Add TestMoveableFrameNumber node function for moveables.
  • Allow free axis rotation for dart emitter object in TEN projects.
  • Offset pasted nodes if they land on same position.
  • Fix exception when trying to copy lua name to clipboard for objects without a name.
  • Fix sound sources not properly compiled for TEN.
  • Fix game executable path field not displaying properly for TEN target in level settings.

  • Add animation names to ID_SWAT and ID_GUARD.
  • Add Ctrl+I shortcut in animation editor to interpolate frames.
  • Use timeline selection size as a default value for interpolated frame count.
  • Fix state ID list not properly selecting states with similar names.
  • Fix incorrect remapping of TR1-TR3 rollingballs to TEN.

  • Update Tomb1Main preset to 2.12.
  • Update TR3 preset to include tomb3 project.

TEN: Version 1.0.5
  • Fix combined items not existing in inventory upon game reload.
  • Fix classic rollingball not behaving properly in rooms beyond the distance of 32 blocks.
  • Fix rollingball not killing Lara under certain movement angles.
  • Fix savegame crashes when rooms with static meshes are flipped.
  • Fix discrepancies between statistics and save / load game time units.
  • Fix draw key incorrectly working in binoculars / lasersight mode.
  • Fix incorrect picking up from plinths concealed by raising blocks.
  • Fix reversed grenade rotation.
  • Fix flame emitter 3 not burning player.
  • Fix TR2 yeti, TR3 civvy and MP with stick vault bugs.
  • Fix TR2 worker with flamethrower and TR3 flamethrower baddy attack ranges and aiming issues.
  • Fix TR3 tribeman with axe not attacking Lara.
  • Fix TR3 tribeman with dart not shooting at Lara's direction.
  • Fix TR3 crow and TR4 harpy death animations not performing correctly.
  • Fix TR4 crocodile attack range and joint rotation speed.
  • Fix TR4 Von Croy not using animation for 2 and 3 step down vaults.
  • Fix TR4 baddies not using animation for 3 step down vaults.
  • Fix TR5 laserhead guardian.
  • Fix crash, water death and meshswap issues for TR5 cyborg.
  • Fix pathfinding problems for first initialized enemy of every slot.
  • Fix pathfinding of flying and water creatures (partial).
  • Fix rare crash when smash item is inside a wall and add warning log for the scenario.
  • Fix bone rotations of some entities.
  • Fix Lara's animation for cog switch release.
  • Add new OCB to cog switch object:
    - Use OCB 0 to have the traditional behaviour.
    - Use any other OCB to can use the Cog Switch without need of any door linked.
  • Allow to freely rotate dart emitter in all directions.
  • Customize dart emitter damage with OCB. Negative number will additionally poison Lara.
  • Draw real mesh for darts.
  • Added warning log when one slot requires another slot which is missing.

Lua API changes:
  • Add new Room class and several methods for it.

Download: 64-bit NET6 installer, 32-bit NET6 installer, TEN update for existing projects.
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Version 1.6.4 is now released along with TEN 1.0.6 update!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Add an option to enable 32-bit lighting for TRNG to fix "rainbow bug" (requires FLEP patch).
  • Add an option to use Lua or node events as actions for legacy triggers in TEN.
  • Add an option for imported geometry to define whether it is UV-mapped or not.
  • Extend pathfinding data over slopes for flying enemies in TEN levels.
  • Fix possible issues with pathfinding on extended heights in TEN levels.
  • Fix broken lua event sets which had non-alphanumerical characters in their name.
  • Fix variable comparer nodes not working correctly without initialized variable.
  • Fix incorrect light interpolation between rooms with non-traversable portals.

  • Add a new main window menu option to quickly convert objects between UV-mapped and tiled texture mode.
  • Increase compatibility with imported animations with inconsistent bone and mesh setups.
  • Play sound preview on animation editor timeline scrubbling.
  • Fix sound previews not working if default sound device is incorrect in Windows settings.
  • Fix sound previews not playing for TEN right footprint flipeffect.
  • Fix flickering in main window if empty object is selected.
  • Fix incorrect parsing of TR5 objects which had unknown flags packed together with mesh radius.
  • TEN Base WAD:
    - Added new explosion sprite sequence by Gecko.
    - Added ID_DART as a real mesh instead of a particle.
    - Added Lara's death animation for the Willard Spider (LARA_EXTRA_ANIM).

  • Fixed incorrect sound bug in TR3_Override which changed Lara's "jump" sound into her "climbing" sound.

  • Don't generate empty strings for TEN projects in TIDE script editor.
  • Update Tomb1Main preset to 2.12.1.
  • Update tomb3 preset to 1.5.0.

TEN: Version 1.0.6
  • Fix major pathfinding bug which could have caused lots of issues with enemy behaviour.
  • Fix potential random crashes due to incorrect rendering behaviour.
  • Fix savegame crash for disabled enemies with partially set activation mask.
  • Fix certain enemies not damaging Lara if binoculars or lasersight mode is active.
  • Fix invisible Lara after starting a new game from title flyby with hidden Lara.
  • Fix backholster weapons not updating their sound position together with player.
  • Fix black screen bug when there was an obstacle between the fixed camera and the target.
  • Fix underwater caustics not appearing without visiting options menu beforehand.
  • Fix TR1 ape climbing.
  • Fix TR1 rat which crashed the game when it was killed.
  • Fix TR2 small spider climbing and pathfinding.
  • Fix TR3 Shiva and TR4 baddy 2 not blocking bullets.
  • Fix TR4 harpy's sting attack which was neither hurting nor poisoning Lara.
  • Fix TR4 SAS teleporting over the blocks he walks by.
  • Fix TR4 seth blades that were doing a double activation when used an OCB different than 0.
  • Fix TR4 skeleton spawn when used with OCB 3.
  • Fix TR4 sphinx solving his bugged behaviour that happened if it received a lot of damage.
  • Fix TR5 Roman statue and its meshswap.
  • Fix TR5 twogun laser guard.
  • Fix enemy projectile effect colours.
  • Fix enemy shadow position.
  • Fix sound positions not updated during flybys.
  • Fix grenade launcher super ammo emitting too many fragments.
  • Fix grenade and rocket launcher lighting.
  • Fix ceiling trapdoor and floor trapdoor that Lara couldn't open manually.
  • Make enemies drop pickups at first available bounding box corner point, not centerpoint.
  • Restore original volumetric explosion effects.
  • Add TR3 lizard and Puna.
  • Add TR3 boss effects in ID_BOSS_SHIELD and ID_BOSS_SHOCKWAVE_EXPLOSION slots.
  • Add an option to activate Lua or node events from legacy triggers.
  • Add more warnings in logs to enemies which animation or required slot is missing.
  • Antitriggering an enemy will now cause it to vanish and pause.
  • Re-triggering an enemy will cause it to reappear and unpause.
  • Lua Moveable functions Enable and Disable now correctly trigger and antitrigger the moveable.
  • Improve level loading speed a lot.

Lua API changes:
  • Moveable:SetVisible has been added. MakeInvisible is now an alias for SetVisible(false).
  • Moveable:MeshIsVisible is now GetMeshVisible.
  • Moveable:SetMeshVisible has been added to replace ShowMesh/HideMesh.
  • Moveable:MeshIsSwapped is now GetMeshSwapped
  • Primitive Classes (Color, Rotation, Vec3) can now be saved via Levelvars and Gamevars variables.
  • OnSave function now gets called just before data is saved, rather than just after.
  • Add new function CameraObject::PlayCamera().
  • Add new function Misc::GetCameraType().

NOTE: This version updates level file format, so you should recompile your existing levels, including title. Dummy title level is also provided in TEN update package for existing projects.

Download: 64-bit NET6 installer, 32-bit NET6 installer, TEN update for existing projects.

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Version 1.6.5 is now released along with TEN 1.0.7 update!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Add an option to level settings to apply DirectX texture compression for TEN target.
  • Extend 2D map depth bar range for TEN target.
  • Detect TEN version when building a level and throw a warning if target editor version does not match.
  • Initialize nonexistent Lua variables in nodes as initial value for assignment operations.
  • Fix exception when trying to select floor below object out of room bounds.
  • Fix incorrect lighting bit depth when 32-bit lighting option is set for TRNG target.

  • Fix sound previews not working for interpolated frames.
  • Amended slot name for Sophia Leigh in TEN.
  • TEN Base WAD:
    - Addition of dedicated slot ID_MINECART_SWITCH for the minecart vehicle.
    - Removal of duplicated animations in ID_LARA_EXTRA_ANIMS.

  • Amended the TEN preset with the sound file corrections for Sophia Leigh.

TEN: Version 1.0.7
  • Fix spark particles not being cleared on level reload.
  • Fix visible but inactive enemies (e.g. Shiva or Xian guardians) taking damage.
  • Fix blockable LOT type enemies (e.g. T-Rex and Shiva) not being able to step up 1 click or drop 2 clicks.
  • Fix valve switch unable to untrigger objects.
  • Fix valve and wall hole switches (OCB 5 and 6) not working as a timed switches.
  • Fix incorrect Lara alignment on monkeyswing autojump.
  • Fix silent crash if hair object or skin joints are missing.
  • Fix holster meshes not displaying for Lara's shadow.
  • Use Lara object's own meshes if Lara skin object does not exist in level file.
  • Fix TR3 Shiva not taking explosive damage (should still block it with the sword).
  • Fix TR3 Puna boss not blocking projectiles (grenade, rocket, harpoon, bolt) with the shield.
  • Fix TR3 Puna boss and TR5 Roman statue taking fire when shot by explosive ammo.
  • Fix TR2 sword and spear guardian:
    - Not doing transition from alive to stone and stone to alive.
    - Taking damage in stone mode.
    - Wrong joint index for rotating the head and torso.
    - Spear guardian not using left and right spear attack when walking (had wrong state ID set as target).
    - Killing move for spear used wrong value.
  • Fix TR3 big gun spawning rocket with 0 life which caused an immediate explosion.
  • Fix TR3 Tony and add boss effect for him.
  • Add TR3 civvy.
  • Add TR3 electric cleaner.
  • Add TR3 Sophia Leigh with following OCBs:
    - 0 – Normal mode. Sophia behaves like a regular enemy.
    - 1 – Tower mode. Behaviour matched from Tomb Raider III.
    - 2 – Tower mode with volumes. Same as tower mode, but Sophia's ascent can be controlled using volumes in Tomb Editor.
  • Add airlock switch object. Achieved by putting valve switch trigger and door trigger on the same sector (TR5 submarine door setup).
  • Add OCB 7 for switches to be used with SetItemFlags Lua commands for customizing on/off animations and reachable distance.
  • Add instant headshot to guards.
  • Polish the distance position between Lara and switch objects.
  • Adjust rocket ammo pickup from 10 to 1.
  • Improve behaviour of tiger and lion enemies.
  • Implement more realistic water bubble effects.
  • Implement a new stacked pickup display inspired by OpenLara.
  • Prevent Lara from drawing weapons during parallel bar swinging.
  • Further renderer performance optimizations and bugfixes.

Lua API changes:
  • Fix Camera:SetPosition not updating camera position when it is played simultaneously.
  • Add Moveable:GetAirborne and Moveable:SetAirborne.
  • Add Moveable:GetLocationAI and Moveable:SetLocationAI.

Download: 64-bit NET6 installer, 32-bit NET6 installer, TEN update for existing projects.

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Lwmte is currently busy with life and asked someone to complete the task of releasing new versions of TEN and TE. Therefore, I will be providing updates for now. If something is not right then you can message me on TRF and I will try to fix immediately.

Version 1.6.6 is now released along with TEN 1.0.8 update!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:

- Add precise movement hotkeys (8 units) into settings.


- Update Tomb1Main preset to V2.14
- Update Tomb3 preset to V1.6
- Fix Tomb1Main preset not having in the package.

- Amended Lara's sliding back animation to prevent falling backwards too far after sliding.

TEN: Version 1.0.8:

- Fix bubbles phasing through ceilings.
- Fix object camera not clearing at level end.
- Fix double breath sound effect when coming up for air.
- Fix flickering hair.
- Fix harpoon gun triggering water and dry sounds when shooting and reholstering.
- Fix Z-fighting in inventory rendering.
- Fix transparent objects not displaying correctly in the Inventory.
- Fix dozy cheat always giving uzi weapons even if not present in WAD.
- Fix player getting launched when landing close to an edge.
- Fix player going through trapdoor/bridge while climbing up a climbable wall.
- Fix TR3 Sophia's charge ring drawing below floor.
- Fix TR5 imp collision handling and animations:
  • OCB 1: Climbs up to player when triggered.
  • OCB 2: Starts rolling on the floor when triggered.
  • OCB 3: Will throw stones at player.
  • Imp is also scared of of the player if holding a lit torch.
  • Please note you must use the patched version found here:
- Fix and improve wraith tails.
- Add dedicated WRAITH_TRAP object with enhanced effects.
  • OCB 0: Effect disabled.
  • OCB 1: Effect enabled.
- Add TR1 slamming doors.
- Add TR3 mutant wasp (AI_MODIFY object won't allow it to land, the wasp will always fly).
- Add TR3 Corpse- Add cold exposure bar (employed by setting the "cold" flag in water rooms in Tomb Editor).
- Add water wakes for vehicles.
- Restored light effect nullmeshes (color, electrical, pulse, and strobe):
  • Select the light color as object tint in the OCB menu in Tomb Editor.
  • Can have multiple meshes. Add mesh number to OCB to be rendered with the light.
  • OCB +ve (mesh number): Light behaves like a neon light.
  • OCB –ve (mesh number): Light flickers.
- Restored inventory compass.
- Allow dynamic segment count for hair object.

Lua API changes:

- Add function Misc::IsSoundPlaying()
- Add function DisplayString::SetFlags()

Download: 32-bit Tomb Editor zip package,
64-bit Tomb Editor zip package,
TEN update for existing projects

Source code: TEN source code

Alternative download link: Alternative download
Chronicles Lara: "Whatever"

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Version 1.6.7 is now released along with TEN 1.0.9 update!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Add a set of particle and dynamic light node functions.
  • Add ability to search for invisible texture tiles.
  • Use more consistent naming for newly generated flipped and split rooms.
  • Write catalog file reading errors to a log file.
  • Build status window now displays the path to the built level.
  • Don't throw useless invalid texture warnings when building a level.
  • Fix TEN texture packer crash if static meshes have more textures than moveables.
  • Fix nodes made from context menu incorrectly linking to selected node as next instead of previous.
  • Fix script ID assignment when duplicating rooms from the context menu or via hotkey command.
  • Fix Lua ID assignment when pasting a group of objects.
  • Fix exception when autosave interval was set to 0 in editor options.
  • Fix several TEN object remaps in TrCatalog.xml.
  • Fix light interpolation for TRNG target if 32-bit lighting option is active.

  • Automatically fix incorrect state IDs for switch objects when converting them to TEN format.
  • Fix incorrect conversion of Lara object in legacy wads to TEN format.
  • Fix incorrect conversion of several objects such as LARA_HOLSTERS to TEN format.
  • Fix exception in mesh editor when a mesh with incorrect sphere radius is selected.
  • Fix more cases of incorrect animation importing.
  • TEN Base WAD:
    - Improve TEN Lara wad base equipment such as pistol holsters.
    - Fix TEN Lara head rotation in shotgun, crossbow, and harpoon gun.

  • Update tomb3 preset to 2.0.2.

TEN: Version 1.0.9
  • Fix cold bar triggered in non-water rooms.
  • Fix spiky wall speed value and change it via OCB number or Lua (Moveable::SetItemFlags[0]).
  • Fix bats emitter crashing the game if little beetle object does not exist in wad.
  • Fix gunflash rendering and position for entities.
  • Fix snowmobile driver crashing the game.
  • Fix knifethrower not throwing knife.
  • Fix classic rollingball rolling in place into some closed doors.
  • Fix zipline not working properly.
  • Fix missing heavytrigger checks for node events activated from classic triggers.
  • Fix death block flag burning enemies underwater.
  • Fix pickups and object collision not working properly in flipped rooms without portals.
  • Fix footprints not being cleared after level change.
  • Fix thumbstick camera option sometimes producing jerky camera movements during object interaction.
  • Fix soundtrack position not restoring if same track is already playing.
  • Fix inventory input interference when entering inventory via puzzle.
  • Fix gamepad still vibrating if Lara was poisoned prior to death.
  • Fix flare brightness.
  • Fix grenade firing angle.
  • Fix rendering for static meshes with custom blending modes and alpha transparency.
  • Fix inconsistent multiline string spacing on different display modes.
  • Remove search object 4 hardcoded meshswap activated with a flipmap.
  • Add TR1 cowboy.
  • Add TR3 wall mounted blade.
  • Add TR3 claw mutant.
  • Add TR5 lasers:
    - Choose colour for the lasers via tint menu.
    - Laser OCB means width of the laser in sectors.
    - Negative OCB laser will trigger heavy trigger.
    - Positive OCB kills Lara.
  • Add removable puzzles from puzzle holes and puzzle dones:
    - Employed by setting the trigger type as "Switch" for either puzzle hole or puzzle done.
    - Can be mixed with puzzle done and puzzle holes of the same or different type.
  • Add reusable keys for key holes:
    - Employed by setting the trigger type as "Switch" for key hole.
  • Allow key hole animation to be played via OCB number:
    - Default OCB 0 will play Lara use key animation.
    - Any positive OCB number will play the animation according to the OCB number.
  • Reimplement fog bulbs.
  • Add missing gunflash for some entities, also include dynamic light and smoke to all gunflashes.
  • Add compass needle wobble in inventory.
  • Add ability to pick up a single inactive flare as an inventory item.
  • Add log reports if title level or other levels don't exist.
  • Add better error handling for missing font, sprites or shaders.
  • Add "Reset to defaults" entry to controls menu and automatically bind XBOX gamepad profile if connected.
  • Add 64-bit executable and place both 32-bit and 64-bit versions into /Bin subdirectory.

Lua API changes:
  • Add Vec2 class.
  • Add function String::SetTranslated().
  • Add function Misc::IsStringDisplaying().
  • Add the following for use in AddCallback and RemoveCallback:

NOTE: TEN folder structure has changed because of the inclusion of the 64-bit version.
If you are updating existing TEN projects, manually remove all *.dll files and TombEngine.exe from Engine subfolder after copying contents to project folder.

Download: 64-bit NET6 installer, 32-bit NET6 installer, TEN update for existing projects.
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Version 1.6.8 is now released along with TEN 1.1.0 update!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Add preview button for sound playback node functions.
  • Add nodes to manage timers.
  • Fix current node item list remaining open after scrolling node graph with mouse wheel.
  • Fix legacy triggers wrongly set to switch type in rooms containing "switch" in their name.
  • Fix TEN level compiler producing incorrect normals for imported geometry.
  • Fix TEN level compiler not scaling merged static meshes.
  • Fix particle emitter node not working.

  • Don't recalculate normals silently when importing mesh through static mesh editor.
  • Fix broken sound remap when copying objects from legacy wads to TEN wad.

  • Many minor bugfixes.
  • Update Tomb1Main preset to 2.5.2.

TEN: Version 1.1.0
  • Fix enemies shooting Lara through static meshes and moveables.
  • Fix skeletons and mummies not being affected by explosive weapons.
  • Fix crash on loading if static meshes with IDs above maximum are present.
  • Fix various crashes specific to 64-bit build.
  • Fix random crashes when playing audio tracks with names longer than 15 symbols.
  • Fix crashes when trying to play .wav audio tracks on some Windows 11 systems.
  • Fix last selected gun type not preserved after level jump.
  • Fix incorrect vertical position after reloading a savegame made while standing on a bridge.
  • Fix sprint value going below zero.
  • Fix fog bulb density formula.
  • Fix clockwork beetle activation crashing the game.
  • Fix corrupted vehicle positions after savegame reload.
  • Fix default ambience overlapping current one when loading a savegame.
  • Fix doppelganger being limited to a single room.
  • Fix bat AI, damage value, and incorrect collision after death.
  • Fix regeneration for pickups with OCB 128.
  • Fix raising blocks still shaking without OCB.
  • Fix spiky ceiling, improve collision, and allow setting velocity via OCB.
  • Fix TR1 winged mutant pathfinding and damage issues and add new OCBs.
  • Fix TR1 Natla facing angle, bomb and shard projectiles, shooting anim in the second phase.
  • Fix last inventory item position not being saved.
  • Fix some puzzle hole objects crashing the game on item insertion.
  • Fix incorrect harpoon bolt speed and angle when shooting vertically.
  • Fix black shatter debris.
  • Fix Lara's shadow projecting only her joints on some occasions.
  • Fix sun and spot bulbs direction and sheen casts.
  • Fix room collector freezing game on some occasions.
  • Fix incorrect culling for scaled static meshes.
  • Fix normal mapping.
  • Add ability to save screenshot in the "Screenshots" subfolder by pressing the "Print screen" key.
  • Implement separate audio track channel for playing voiceovers with subtitles in .srt format.
  • Don't stop ambience when Lara dies.
  • Pause all sounds when entering inventory or pause menu.
  • Preserve hit points on level jump.
  • Improve deflection against slopes.
  • Move and rotate Lara and activated pickups together with dynamic bridge objects.
  • Reduce camera bounce.
  • Improve spiky wall collision accuracy.
  • Expand control settings page.
  • Allow key bindings for previously hardcoded actions (weapon hotkeys, vehicle controls).
  • Add input actions for weapon scroll.
  • Add splash effect to rockets and grenades when they enter water.
  • Allow multiple doppelgangers by using the same OCB for the origin nullmesh and doppelganger.
  • Add TR1 skateboard kid.
  • Add TR1 Kold.

Lua API changes:
  • Add soundtrack functions:
    - Misc::GetAudioTrackLoudness() for getting current loudness of a given track type.
    - Misc::IsAudioTrackPlaying() for checking if a given track type is playing.
    - Misc::GetCurrentSubtitle() for getting current subtitle string for the voice track.

NOTE: This is a final 1.6.8 / 1.1.0 release, not the pre-release version which was published week earlier via other channels. If you have downloaded pre-release before, you need to download again.

NOTE: Strings.lua file must be either replaced or manually edited to include new strings for option menus. Dev team is aware that it may be uncomfortable to do manually and will maybe address this issue in future versions. Sorry for inconvenience.

Download: 64-bit NET6 installer, 32-bit NET6 installer, TEN update for existing projects.
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Version 1.6.9 is now released along with TEN 1.2 update!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Allow to immediately cancel level building and project opening.
  • Add context menu to copy current object position to clipboard.
  • Add optional default value for node parameters.
  • Add a node to call events from other event sets.
  • Add a node to check if animation of a moveable has reached end frame.
  • Add nodes to draw sprites.
  • Add nodes to load, save, delete and check existence of savegames.
  • Modifying nodes for timer management. (Note: for existing projects, review all nodes "Create timer...")
  • Auto-fill position and color when doing drag-n-drop of an object over corresponding node controls.
  • Show selection size instead of local area.
  • Show real position in object tooltip.
  • Fix fog bulb intensity when converting project to a TEN project.
  • Fix exception when trying to assign footstep sound if no material was selected.

  • Update NG_Center.
  • Change the way TRNG script compiling is done.
  • Fix library registration not working when launching NG_Center for the first time.

TEN base wad:
  • Integrated new pushable animations.
  • Update names for ID_LARA_EXTRA_ANIMS.
  • Remove ANIMATING2 as that was the old minecart switch, which now has its own dedicated switch (ID_MINECART_SWITCH).
  • Remove PUZZLE_ITEM1 (Jeep keys) as they are not used anymore.
  • Add example pushable block object (ID_PUSHABLE_OBJECT_CLIMBABLE).

TEN: Version 1.2
  • Fix burning torch not working properly if there are more than 256 objects in a level.
  • Fix grenade and rocket projectiles smoke offset in certain directions.
  • Fix projectiles flying through animating objects.
  • Fix harpoon gun doing enormous damage on enemies.
  • Fix train death animation.
  • Fix various camera issues with unique death animations.
  • Fix zipline not following correct trajectory.
  • Fix TR1 wolf damage value inflicted on a close bite attack.
  • Fix TR1 bear various original AI issues.
  • Fix TR2 knife thrower AI.
  • Fix TR2 doberman crashing the game when killed by explosive weapons.
  • Fix random crashes when killing exploding enemies.
  • Fix random crashes in battle with more than 8 enemies.
  • Fix volume change in settings not affecting voice track.
  • Fix several lighting bugs.
  • Fix double drawing additive faces.
  • Fix savegame count not properly increasing.
  • Fix regeneration of non-ammo pickups with OCB 128.
  • Fix vault bug preventing the player from climbing onto ledges out of deeper sections of wade-depth water.
  • Fix cold exposure status not recovering in non-cold wade-depth water.
  • Fix non-elevated combat camera.
  • Fix camera snap when disengaging the look-around mode.
  • Fix TR4 mapper not being visible.
  • Improve head-on wall collision.
  • Overhaul pushables:
    - Separate climbable and non-climbable pushable object slots.
    - Add new pushable OCB to manipulate pushable properties.
    - Add new animations for pushing pushables off edges (TR1-3 and TR4-5 versions).
    - Fix pushables not working with raising blocks.
    - Fix miscellaneous pushable bugs.
  • Overhaul look-around feature:
    - Allow for more consistent and wider viewing angles while crawling, crouching, and hanging.
    - Improve look camera movement and control.
    - Re-enable looking while performing up jump, backward jump, or backward crawl.
    - Add functionality to rotate slowly when holding Walk while using binoculars or lasersight.
  • Add target highlighter system with toggle in Sound and Gameplay settings.
  • Add sprint slide state 191.
  • Add swinging blade.
  • Add crumbling platform and add new OCBs for behaviour:
    - OCB 0: Default behaviour. When the player steps on the platform, it will shake and crumble after 1.2 seconds.
    - OCB > 0: When the player steps on the platform, it will crumble after the number of frames set in the OCB.
    - A positive value results in activation via player collision.
    - A negative value requires a trigger to activate.
  • Add basic mouse input handling. Allows for binding of mouse inputs in control settings.
  • Add settings for Mouse Sensitivity and Mouse Smoothing (not used in-game yet).

Lua API changes:
  • Split and organize functions in Misc namespace to appropriate new namespaces.
  • Make Vec2 and Vec3 objects float-based instead of integer-based.
  • Add DisplaySprite object.
  • Add Flow.EnableLoadSave() function to disable savegames.
  • Add Flow.EnablePointFilter() function to disable bilinear filtering.
  • Add View.GetAspectRatio() function to get the screen resolution's aspect ratio.
  • Add Logic.HandleEvent() function to call node events.
  • Add Input.GetCursorDisplayPosition() function to get the cursor's position.
  • Add functions to load, save, delete and check existence of savegames.
  • Add Lara:GetAmmoType() function to read the ammo that player is using.
  • Add Moveable:GetEndFrame() function to get the end frame number of a moveable's current animation.
  • Add extra parameter to GiveItem() function to optionally display an inventory item given to the player in the pickup summary.
  • Add DisplayStringOption.RIGHT and DisplayStringOption.BLINK flags for DisplayString.
  • Add log messages warnings to functions AddCallback and RemoveCallback.
  • Add Vec2 and Vec3 arithmetic for division with a number and multiplication with another Vec2 or Vec3.
  • Add various Vec2 and Vec3 operators and methods, such as Normalize() and Lerp().
  • Fix InventoryItem constructor, now it will accept compound values in Item Action parameter.
  • Fix Moveable constructor forcing initial animation to 0 and hit points to 10, even if not specified.
  • Fix activation of a flipped room when using SetPos() script command or position change node.
  • Fix Sound:PlaySoundEffect() function when used without optional position argument.
  • Update DisplayString constructor to take a "scale" parameter, allowing for the resizing of text.
  • Make DisplayString constructor's "color" parameter optional.
  • Add DisplayString::SetScale() function to resize text.
  • Add DisplayString::GetScale() function to get text scale.

NOTE: Some Lua functions were moved from Misc namespace to other namespaces. If your existing scripts will stop working, refer to TEN Scripting API manual to update them.

NOTE: Pushable objects are now divided to two separate groups - classic solid pushables, on which Lara can climb (names starting from PUSHABLE_OBJECT_CLIMBABLE) and "soft" pushables, like in TR4 and TR5 (names starting from PUSHABLE_OBJECT). They use same set of updated OCBs listed on the TEN website.

NOTE: To avoid collisions while updating Strings.lua file, starting from this version, system strings, such as menu names, are moved to new script file called SystemStrings.lua, which should not be edited by builders. You can still customize your other strings in Strings.lua.

Download: 64-bit NET6 installer, 32-bit NET6 installer, TEN update for existing projects.

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Version 1.7 is now released along with TEN 1.3 update!

List of changes:

Tomb Editor:
  • Added more wall subdivisions, which can be accessed by using Drag Tool while holding any numerical key on a keyboard.
  • Side faces for slopes next to flat blocks, or 2 crossing slopes next to each other, will now be rendered and can be textured.
  • Added options to disable volumes and activate them in adjacent rooms.
  • Added global event editor.
  • Added global events to a node editor and to legacy trigger editor.
  • Added ability to lock nodes.
  • Added node for end-of-level reason management.
  • Allow to move and sort event sets.
  • Support default values for Vector3 and Color value types in nodes.
  • Always link new nodes to "else" statement for conditional node, if "then" statement is already occupied.
  • Split TrCatalog.xml file into multiple catalogs for better usability.
  • Fixed original winroomedit bug where a wall texture would unexpectedly swap if ED / RF subdivisions were in the opposite void.
  • Fixed incorrect coordinates in tooltip for light objects.
  • Fixed audio track nodes not properly recognizing files in subfolders.
  • Fixed alignment option not working for display sprite node.
  • Fixed range for air value nodes.
  • Fixed displaying of meshes with more than 65535 vertices.
  • Fixed exception when attempting to load imported geometry with textures larger than 4096 pixels.

  • Updated Tomb1Main to TR1X 3.0.5.
  • Updated FLEP.
  • Launch TEN in -debug mode from the sidebar by default.
  • Added engine version display into Level Manager.
  • Added engine up-to-date checks for TEN and TR1X.
  • Added "Update" button for TEN versions 1.0.9+ and TR1X versions 3.0+.
  • Added an "Exit" menu item into Scripting Studio.
  • Fixed issue where autocomplete popup wouldn't open after the first completion.

TEN: Version 1.3
  • Fixed crash if title logo is removed from Textures folder.
  • Fixed crash if unknown player state ID is encountered.
  • Fixed bug with OCB 2 on pushables, and some other pushable bugs.
  • Fixed pushable camera bug during edge slip.
  • Fixed lever switch turn off alignment animation.
  • Fixed lack of water splash in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed hydra flame not showing when charging.
  • Fixed shockwave light for hammer god.
  • Fixed camera shaking in some cases when the player is in quicksand room.
  • Fixed certain flame emitter OCBs emitting fire in wrong directions.
  • Fixed player not being able to pick up a torch when crouching.
  • Fixed jittery camera when performing crawl-to-hang.
  • Fixed several issues with limited pistol ammo.
  • Fixed player not being able to crawl if two-handed weapon is currently equipped.
  • Fixed playback issues with audio tracks placed in subfolders.
  • Fixed thin caustics outline on the edge of the blocks.
  • Fixed big static objects affected wrongly by dynamic lights.
  • Fixed legacy trigger leveljumps ignoring provided level index.
  • Fixed incorrect light collection in some cases.
  • Fixed normal mapping for rooms, items, and statics.
  • Added ambient occlusion (SSAO).
  • Added new post-process workflow (monochrome, negative, exclusion) with tinting.
  • Added SMAA antialiasing instead of MSAA.
  • Added previously missing player start position object functionality.
  • Added fast speed for fly cheat by holding Sprint input action.
  • Added speedometer to vehicles.
  • Added global node events.
  • Totally revised transparency handling.
  • Increased the maximum frames for animated sequences from 128 to 256.
  • Optimized the renderer.
  • Separate underwater wall and ceiling switch objects into two slots each.
  • Accurately rotate display sprites around the pivot defined by the align mode.
  • Allow walking on slopes when wading in water (similar to quicksand).
  • Allow player to pull certain levers with both hands when holding a flare.
  • Ported twin auto gun from TR3.
  • Revised keyhole OCBs to account for keeping or losing keys:
    - OCB 0: Play default animation and lose key.
    - Positive OCB: Play anim number and keep key.
    - Negative OCB: Play anim number and lose key.
  • Revised Wolf OCBs:
    - OCB 0: Wolf starts in walking animation, ready to chase Lara.
    - OCB 1: Wolf starts in sleeping animation.

Lua API changes:
  • Added Lara:GetInteractedMoveable() which returns currently interacted moveable by Lara.
  • Added Moveable:SetStatus() to set the current status of the moveable.
  • Added Room:GetColor() to get room's ambient light color.
  • Added Util.PickMoveableByDisplayPosition() and Util.PickStaticByDisplayPosition() functions.
  • Added View.GetCameraPosition(), View.GetCameraTarget() and View.GetCameraRoom() functions.
  • Added View.SetPostProcessMode(), View.SetPostProcessStrength() and View.SetPostProcessTint() functions.

NOTE: This version abandons separate update packages for existing TEN projects, because update function is now integrated into TIDE. Your existing TEN projects must be at least of version 1.0.9, otherwise you have to update manually using previous version's TEN update package.

NOTE: TEN script directory structure has changed a bit. Now all level scripts are placed to Scripts/Levels subfolder by default, not to root Scripts folder. Existing scripts in the root folder will continue to work though.

Download: 64-bit NET6 installer, 32-bit NET6 installer.
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