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Originally Posted by VictorXD View Post
^ And it was he right decision to ditch dates/years. I mean Lara would be 54 today, she'd be closer to 60 than 50 by the time the next game releases.

CD has said since 2011 that the reboot completely discards dates and has a floating timeline, precisely because they know TR is a franchise that is here to span decades, which it has so far and probably will continue to do in the future.

If they were to keep dates they'd either have to fixate the games being set in the 90's/00's and we'd never see Lara make use of recent tech to progress or they would have to end the franchise.
And why does something have to be set in the present day? Even in the reboot, set in this "floating" timeline is meant to be analogous to when it was released, none of the technology there wasn't widely available in the 90s.

Games do not have to be set in the present day to work, and since it's in a fictional world, there's nothing wrong with them putting anachronistic technology in an earlier time setting.

The notion of dates doesn't need to have any impact whatsoever on the settings, stories, and technologies available in the games.

In fact, I'd argue it gives them more freedom to keep to a timeline of sorts, because then they don't have to try to fit it in with the real world. Plenty of other media has to go to great lengths to write around or ignore widely available technology in service of the plot.

I wouldn't care if she was born in '68, and they gave us a game set in 2000, and I simply can't understand the criticism that the games have to be set in the present day. They don't.
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There's a subtle psychology behind setting it in the "present" day via a floating timeline, because unless you're explicitly trying to make a "period piece", the audience is going to automatically mentally "age" the character up to the present anyway, or question why it's set in a certain year if it's not trying to be a period piece. The audience watches Indiana Jones and understands that it's intentionally set in the 1930s, with 1930s technology and geopolitics, and internally has to say "Indiana Jones, were he real, is long dead and I could never go on adventures with him".

If you want Lara Croft to have a character trait that "she's always in her 30s, so her adventures never end and she never ages out of it" while also making it "she exists contemporaneously with the audience, so they can fantasize about going on adventures with her" then you have to go with a sliding timescale that always takes place in the present.

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