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View Poll Results: Which reboot game has the best outfit selection?
Tomb Raider 10 6.99%
Rise of the Tomb Raider 74 51.75%
Shadow of the Tomb Raider 22 15.38%
Please use unique game titles next time CD, 'Tomb Raider' was already taken 37 25.87%
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Originally Posted by Gemma Darkmoon View Post
...Shadow has such a big number of outfits it still manages to make the choices seem restrictive.
What do you mean, seem? They are.
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Rise of the Tomb Raider for sure. Because I like the fact that AOD Lara has the facial animation of course.
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Edited: Sorry I had to deleted what I said. I didn't mean to post in this outfit topic. Please ignore this post.

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100% Rise of the Tomb Raider. There's so many great ones.
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100% Rise of The Tomb Raider. Rise had the best graphics and best animations. Eidos Montreal did not pay attention to this. I'm disappointed because Rise outfits in SOTTR are broken, detail is low, animation bad, colors absorbed by light. The outfits in Shadow are ugly on Lara. I'd say the reason is they working on The Avengers game. Final of Tomb Raider received minimal care, minimal time.
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Another vote for Rise, I really like all of her main story outfits and several of the tactical outfits. Even some of the scrappy hunter outfits looked good in the midst of the cold weather.

The reboot was extremely limited with dull choices, and most of Shadow's outfits aren't exciting.
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Rise by far. Like, they are genuinely good
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Meh I only really like 3 of Lara’s reboot era outfits. The default outfit from TR2013, the Mountaineer outfit from TR2013 and the desert tank top outfit from Rise. I absolutely had no interest in all the endless tribal and armoured outfits from Rise and Shadow.
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While I love that Rise version of AoD skin has facial animations, I don't think it's fair to say Rise has the best costumes because of that.
1st, it's not an original Rise costume, it's a port of another game's model.
And 2nd, while the model itself is great, it looks awful with other characters models in the screen because of the different art style.
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Tomb Raidering
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But we Rise voters didnít just vote because of the AoD skin. Thereís the Desert Tank, Expedition Jacket, Leather Jacket, Blue Henley..... all original. AoD and TRIII Antarctica skins are just bonus imo.

*Fun (or not) Fact* The TR1 Sport and TR5 Catsuit skins are not their representive models. Itís TR2 Classic model retextured. Look at TR1ís face and circular breasts. Realizing the TR5 model was hard. The TR4-5 model has a long hair and she doesnít have her upper hairband like TR2-3 Lara, right? Well, in Rise, the Catsuit skin Lara has a upper hairband colored black to be not seen, and her face under the headset is TR2 Lara all over again. *AoD Lara voice* Iíve got two little words for you... Lazy Developers.
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