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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
Lady Bird, with Saoirse Ronan. It was very good.
I've seen that I liked it too.

47 Meters Down, after watching this I'm never going diving with sharks even if there is something between me and the sharks, sharks are scary.

Lone Survivor, a friend recommended it and it was really good.

Clouds of Sils Maria, it was ok I only watched it because Kristen Stewart and Chloe Grace Moretz were in it, Juliette Binoche's character was irritating and should have been played by someone else maybe Helen Mirren.
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Originally Posted by DragonSlayer View Post

47 Meters Down, after watching this I'm never going diving with sharks even if there is something between me and the sharks, sharks are scary.
Will check this one out, since I have dove with sharks in Bahamas w/o a cage, etc. Swam along with the sharks. Also a group of us sat on the bottom approx. 50-60 ft while a person covered in chain mail came down w/a bait box of fish scales and they (approx. 12-15) sharks swam in over our heads and in front of us. Amazing. They were so beautiful to see and watch.

Edit: I don’t believe you can do this dive anymore now.
Pharaoh´s Tomb

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Locke and Key on Netflix

Haven't finished the season yet but really enjoying it so far. It's the type of story that child me would have loved to have happen...........moving to large, mysterious house and finding magical mysterious keys.
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Knives Out

So good!
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Twin Peaks. Season 1, episodes 3 & 4

The Mask
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The Sonic movie.

It was actually good which is the complete opposite of what I expected.
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I watched a bit so far this year:

Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood (ft. the unnecessary ellipsis).
I'm rather annoyed and relieved Charles Manson and the Sharon Tate murders are such a red herring. It's just very minor background information. Margot Robbie is hardly in the movie and she does fine. It's just an excuse to have her play that person; otherwise, take her out, and it doesn't affect the plot at all. Oh, and the have an excuse to show her feet (of course). But I was surprised that they also showed DiCaprio's feet. Does this mean Tarantino is bicurious???

Pitt is good; it's basically Tyler Durden at 55, still looking like a hot stud, minus the anarchist manifesto. So: nothing new, but still good and a decent Oscar winning performance but wasn't detrimental that he win. DiCaprio is better (and I don't usually like him - he's often hammy, boring, and repetitive). I like how sort of pathetic and whiny they made him. He's such a brat! The art direction is great! Not that I was there, but it looks exactly like 1960s LA.

I watched the first half or so and was rather bored (it was going nowhere slowly). Then rewatched it to the end from the start and it was much better. I barely like it enough to say I liked it, though. It's borderline average entertainment with some great scenes here and there (the showdown at the end is INSANE). The movie was rather menial and lacking much climax till then, then it goes overboard but in a good way at the end.

On a technical level, (nearly) everything looks/sounds great (though those nominations for costumes and makeup was overgenerous). They aren't remarkable at all. Oh look, a simple three piece suit, lets nominate it just for that. Oh look, a white face paint with red lips, and some blue triangles for makeup and some slime green hair. Who cares! It looks good/fine, but not like it was difficult to do (apart from tediously needing to reapply makeup a lot when he sweats it off/smears it/etc so it looks consistent). If they said Phoenix did his own hair and makeup, I'd have easily believed them. I thought he did at first.

Phoenix's acting was excellent method acting. That said, since the movie has maybe 15% of the actual Joker, the rest was boring. Arthur Fleck is not remotely interesting, so I don't really care about the performance. They spent too much time painting him as a victim. I get it. Move along to the actual title of the movie. It's like being teased by CD. He's not yet the Joker he's meant to supposed to become. The talk show scene was great, though.

Should have had more actual comedy in it. But I feel like they are trying to be meta by saying his story isn't a tragedy, it's a comedy, by not actually making it funny at all (save for maybe three times where it's worth a giggle). I have no idea how the Oscars liked this movie so damn much. It's way against the grain for some of the regular crap they wet themselves over.

They really didn't need to show Batman's parents being murdered for the eleven trillionth time. Who cares? And why is Bruce Wayne 10, but his father is a senior citizen and his mother already 50 something? (Yes, I'm nitpicking, but looked more like his well-dressed grandparents and really stood out).

Cinematography, editing, and music are great. Boring movie overall.

Marriage Story
The two leads are soooo good! Driver is better, but he has more to do and more showy acting to...show. He should have won. Dern is goodish. Not bad, but Oscar good? Nah. But there's been far worse winners. Alan Alda was far better. He's very cute and endearing despite having little screentime. Liotta was also good. The story itself has been done 451320 times before but it's still a very good watch. The score is forgettable, Randy Newman got nominated purely on namesake (see: Meryl Streep). It's very funny throughout with a good balance with drama.

The Rise of Skywalker
Just ****ing boring and stupid. I love Babu Frick. He needs his own 9-movie spin off deal. He's so ugly and creepy looking, but so cute and hilarious in the 62 seconds he has on screen! C-3PO was also great. Best Supporting Droid in a Motion Picture...no nomination? That's a farce (much like this movie). It doesn't really resolve anything. It opens new plots that make no sense, is so damn lazy with their villain, it's way too long, and so many characters are expended as extended cameos with no proper farewell or real importance in the story.
That kiss at the end was moronic and quasi incestuous. Rey's twist was s-t-o-o-p-i-d. Talk about pulling ideas out of your ass.

I've not seen Ep 2 or 3, but this is by far the worst one. Just bloated, goes everwhere and nowhere, a huge dud. It's The Goblet of Fire movie of Star Wars.

The Lighthouse
Dafoe is doing his best impression of the Salty Sea Captain from The Simpsons, while Pattinson does his best impression of Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood. Both are great. Both snubbed (and both are leads...fight me)! Pattinson's accent was wildly inconsistent, but still good performance. (Though sometimes I had no idea what the hell they were saying: thank you, subtitles). I love the music/sound and the cinematography/lighting. Black and white was the only way to go. Meanders in the beginning a bit but gets entertaining eventually.

Excellent! Yay for foreign film finally winning Best Picture (and actually being worthy). Oddly funny throughout, great combination of comedy, drama, thriller, suspense, heist movie foreign film bonanza. Wonderful ensemble. The rich wife, mother, and housekeeper are the best performances.

Cold War
Meh. The two leads have no chemistry and don't feel authentic as love interests. They don't even seem to like each other. It's in black and white, which I guess is automatic cinematography nomination worthy? It was merely okay. The film is too short and advances in time too quickly. Thin plot and characters.

Time to commit cinephile blasphemy: this movie is barely above average. Lorraine Bracco is the absolute best thing about this movie and was win-worthy. Liotta and DeNiro were also good (though DeNiro didn't do anything remarkable for his own ability). Pesci was a scene stealer, great winner, but could have had more scenes. There would be no such thing as too much of him! (Bracco was still far better).

The narration is so unnecessary. Way too long despite it having that "epic" story feel to it that seems like it warrants being that long. I like it just barely enough to not be able to say I disliked it.

The Handmaiden
Another movie that doesn't live up to the overall acclaim. It looks great, such a beautiful house/scenery/costumes/camera work/overall aesthetic. None of the acting really impressed me but it's serviceable. The gratuitous sex scenes were kind of unintentionally funny. Good twists (and some twists within twists). The first half was better, second half makes the film seem a tad bloated in runtime.

Norma Rae
Everyone is so sweaty! The grainy look to it somehow really adds to the aesthetic in a good way. It feels like it could be a documentary (without anyone knowing they are being filmed, and lack of commentary). Sally Field is wonderful. I've always liked her and somehow barely saw this (her absolute best performance). There's not a single moment where I don't believe she IS Norma Rae; there's zero acting I observed, only being the character. The main actor (the union guy) is also great, and was sadly overlooked by awards bodies. They have great chemistry. Script is great, too. I swear Sally Field has a 16 inch waist in this movie. Skinny legend.

Phantom Thread
Vicky Krieps was snubbed hardcore. The camera work and music are great. DDL is also good; he's got such a great, soothing, sexy voice. Good for Lesley Manville being nominated, but I wouldn't have voted for her. She didn't have enough to do. There's one line where she stands out in the "Don't try me bitch, I'll knock you on your sorry ass" (reworded for dramatic effect), where she says it so confidently and calmly (while sipping tea, OF COURSE) but the rest was fine, not anything I was amazed by.

Way too little explanation why the two Woodcocks are so particular and the way they are. It wasn't really fleshed out, I guess we're just supposed to accept it. I could have used some (more) context.

The Two Popes
It’s good! I really liked it. It’s very funny with great lead performances and supporting from the actor who plays the younger Jorge/Frances. It’s almost purely dialogue but never wavers in being enjoyable. I thought Pryce’s Spanish was really good…turns out, he was dubbed! Which is unusual that he was nominated for an Oscar, because I distinctly recall reading dubbed performances (and mo-cap) were inelligible for Oscars. Maybe because a majority was him speaking his own English? One thing it rather oddly evades is really confronting why Pope Benedict was resigning. They only gloss over the sex abuse cover ups and don’t really get into the nitty gritty behind it. Felt like a cop-out.

The Farewell
It's okay. It's hardly a comedy, though. It at most has comedic moments. Decent acting but didn't stand out as necessary of any nominations.

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Parasite for the second time! I love this movie so much
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Star Wars episode 7. Despite the return of some actors from the old movies (much appreciated!) I couldn’t bring myself to like this one. Can’t believe they used the
death star
plot point again! Unoriginal, uninspired. The villain was a lame ass
Vader wannabe
and I could already tell he would
kill Han
ages before it happened. -_- I hope episode 8 is a little better (marathoning them).
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Originally Posted by Love2Raid View Post
Star Wars episode 7. Despite the return of some actors from the old movies (much appreciated!) I couldn’t bring myself to like this one. Can’t believe they used the
death star
plot point again! Unoriginal, uninspired. The villain was a lame ass
Vader wannabe
and I could already tell he would
kill Han
ages before it happened. -_- I hope episode 8 is a little better (marathoning them).
I just watched it yesterday and I'm so offended at that movie.

It started great (the characters' introduction, Rey, the action scenes, the comedy...), but from the second half on it's just terrible.

Han Solo's death was dumb and anticlimatic. We had no goodbyes or emotional farewell with Leia or Chewbacca, they were iconic cinema couples and this movie didn't respect that. Leia didn't even say a thing.

The lightsabers duel at the end was so lame. Finn, who's not even a Jedi can hold his own for a while against THE CREEPY VILLAIN. Then Rey, an untrained jedi who just discovered the Force and who's using a lightsaber for the first time, is not only able to avoid all of Kylo's attacks, but damage him several times. No wonder why he's all worried about being weak

They showed us that this new dreadnought is like 10 times bigger than the Death Star. Well, they literally made a plan to destroy it in a couple of hours and then went ahead across the Galaxy while they were preparing their Sun absorbing gun. Finn didn't even know how to do it, he was just a janitor, but the Resistance still was successful in achieving their plans. Not only so, Rey managed to escape and hide for an unknown time and the only ones who saw her were her rescuers. I gotta laugh

And why is Finn using a lightsaber if he's not a Jedi? Isn't he trained as a stormstrooper? Wouldn't giving him a blaster gun be more accurate?

I'm gonna watch The Last Jedi rn. I hope I like this one and doesn't treat me like an idiot.
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