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Eric, that's too bad about the unrealistically large number of CD job cuts, as I thought TRU was a fantastic game.

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OMG! You were "Let go"?!
Eidos are pushing it, the greedy ****wits that they are.
Cat sound.
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Originally Posted by Love2Raid View Post
This is not funny
It was not meant to be funny I just wanted to show that anyone can put any name it does not have to mean it is really that person.
I'm saying again if it is him I apologize.
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Can the vultures please keep the annoying pestering about proof of identity out of a single thread unless/until a moderator or administrator closes or states that the author is a fraud. Ever hear of 'innocent until proven guilty'? Different words, same idea and I don't feel like scrolling through people trying to play detective. If your tricked, then learn to deal with disappointment, it's life. Yeah, thanks.

Deepest condolences for you Eric, it's gotta be terrible to have been laid off and hope you are doing well and get on your feet just fine.

I have a question though, not about the DLC since I could really care less about it, but do you have any information about the PS2 version of Underworld and what the deal is with that?

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You are free to tell us whatever you want.
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I never thought you'd be one of the 30, Eric. Thanks for coming.

And please accept my deepest sympathies for the loss of your job.
The traumatized are unpredictable because we know we can survive.

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I am terribly sorry you were one of the 30. It is incredibly sad that you were cut from the team, as you are the one guy I believed "got it". It is devastating to have the "Yes, this is it!" moment only to find they have cut the creative director who made the important decisions.

I suppose Toby will be making a lot more creative decisions now and the only thing I wish to say about it is the fans have many, many creative differences with him. I do not see a lot of happiness coming from it.

I had not felt at home with Tomb Raider since Core had Lara, but your work in Underworld impressed me and completely changed my mind about Crystal Dynamics. I went from hater to a faithful with that single experience. It truly was the right direction.

Thank you for coming to the forums. It provides the opportunity for me to personally thank you for all your hard work and especially for Underworld. It was so much fun.

It is great to have you around. I look forward to talking to you more as well as seeing what the fans have to say.
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Eric, where you lurking around the Anniversary forum alot last year?
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Why do Eidos keep screwing the fans and Crystal Dynamics around?

I've played TR since I was 7, and I'm just not happy with the decisions that are being made about the franchise - and neither are a lot of other fans. TR is possibly Eidos' only bankable franchise left, so all this business with the DLC and churning out a TR game every year is just going to run both Tomb Raider and Eidos into the ground, maybe dragging Crystal Dynamics along with it.

I know that Crystal Dynamics can make a fantastic TR game... Eidos just need to give them time in order to do so, otherwise they won't exist anymore.

Thanks for taking the time to post here, Epic. I mean Eric.
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