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Default Which is Your Favourite Outfit?

Ever since Tomb Raider II, Lara would switch up her traveling gear to, more or less, match the climate of whichever countries her expeditions would take her to. Out of the many outfits Lara has worn over the years, which is / are your favourite(s)?

1. Area 51 - Tomb Raider III

I really like the crop top + pants look. If Lara is ever again allowed to canonically show skin I hope they go for a design similar to this one.

2. Camo Pants - Angel of Darkness
Kind of similar to Area 51 but with less midriff exposed. Unpopular opinion, but I preferred AoD's black sunglasses a lot more than her classic rose round ones!

3. Biker - Legend

I know they're super impractical but I love those leather pants..!

4. Bomber Jacket - Tomb Raider II

This outfit is iconic because it's obviously not doing much to protect her from the cold, but I like the overall aesthetic.

5. Jungle Heavy - Underworld
Again, I love how she's in theory wearing this to protect from the rain but her midriff makes a grand appearance! I love the detail they put in designing the jacket!

6. Catsuit - Tomb Raider III

I mean duh!

7. Classic

Can't go wrong with the classic! I love how they payed homage to it in Shadow but I hope it makes a proper return someday.

8. Legend

This I think is her skimpier standard outfit but I really like the shorts and the white top inside the brown one. The short sleeves compared to her usual sleeveless shirts were a nice touch too!

9. Antarctica - Tomb Raider III

Wearing orange in the snow would obviously make her an easy target but I love that they chose to have her wear such a bright colour compared to her usual browns and blues and blacks.

10. Winter Camo - Chronicles

I love the snow hat! She very rarely gets to wear accessories so this was refreshing!

Honourable mentions: TR1 Coft Manor Sport, TRII Wetsuit, AoD Camo Shots, Jungle Shorts Underworkd

Well that's all I've got! What's your favourite outfit??
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Tomb Raidering
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My favs would be in the following order:

1. AoD long pants with waistcoat
2. Anniversary Default = TR4-5 Default ()
3. TR5 Snow Camo

Honorable Mentions:
Expedition Jacket (Rise)
Nevada/Home (TR3)
Catsuit (TR5)

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The Casual Explorer from Underworld has always been a favourite, now alongside Shadow’s default.
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The denim on denim from AoD that's about as 90's as Lara can get lol

Special forces urban from Legend

I would say bomber jacket from TR2 but the fact that she still had bare legs always bugged me. Toasty body, numb legs?
TR3 fixed that but she was in Antarctica, she needed to be much more wrapped up than that.
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In no order:

- TR1 Classic
- TR2 Bomber Jacket
- TR2 Wetsuit
- AoD Camo Pants
- TRU Casual Explorer
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Way too many to choose from. If I had to do a top 5:

1. Classic skin
2. TR3's South Pacific
3. Underworld's Casual Explorer
4. Rise's Desert outfit
5. Shadow's Adventurer outfit
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Lord Insidious
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Well, of course, you can’t go wrong with the classic outfit. In Tomb Raider III, she’s also got her Nevada outfit and her London catsuit. I also love her Russian outfit in Chronicles. She looks cute in that snow camo and beanie! And that black camo getup in The Angel of Darkness is so badass.

As for her other outfits, I just don’t really care for them. Maybe if I were to play more of the games, I’d have an opinion, but, for now, this is all you will get from me.

Oh, and I absolutely LOVE it when she’s wearing her red sunglasses. I wish she’d worn them more often. She’s actually inspired me to get some round lens glasses like hers one day. Every time I see glasses like that, it either reminds me of Lara or John Lennon.
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AOD Shorts
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Tomb Raider
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TR1: Classic (all versions)
TR3: South Pacific
TR2: Home Sweet Home Gown (not really an outfit, but it was still fun, and I like that she has the dagger of Xian here)
TR3: Nevada Outfit
TR2: Bomber Jacket
TR2: Wetsuit
TRL: Legend Union Jack
TRL: Legend Main
TRL: Biker Red Jacket
TRU: Jungle Heavy

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Yuna´s Wish
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1- Tactical Adventurer (SotTR)
2- Classic (TR2/TR3)
3- Wetsuit (TR2)
4- Nevada's top and pants (TR3)
5- Commando (Rise and SotTR)
6- Biker Jacket (Legend)
7- Denim (AoD)
8- Blue Heron Tunic (SotTR)
9- London's catsuit (TR3)
10- Tokyo's dress (Legend)
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