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Default No backwards compatibility - fave old games that stop you getting rid of old console

I thought this would be an interesting thread to start.

Due to lack of backwards compatibility, some of us have 2 or 3 of the "old" consoles in our basement because we can't bear to throw them away because of the games you love that can only be played on that old console, and not the next/current gen console.

Give your old console, and games that you love too much, to ever consider throwing away the old console.
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For me:

Can't get rid of PS2.

Why?: I like the below games, and you can't play them on newer playstations:

Destroy All Humans.1 + 2
Enter The Matrix + Path of Neo
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PS2 has these games:


That game is EVERYTHING! One of the best movie games ever! It's so fun and there's a lot to do!

Dog's Life: Truly a gem.

THe Simpson Hit & Run: When a GTA parody is more fun than GTA.
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I never throw away old consoles, even though there are some that I haven't touched in decades.

I moved to an apartment a couple of years ago and took my N64 and PS1 with me to play some of my old games. I use to have all of my favorite PS1 games downloaded from the PS store on my PS3 before it was stolen. But now I have to rely on PS1 to play these games.

N64 also has a handful of games that were not ported to other systems or are not available on the Virtual Console. Especially the Rare games. I don't think the games created by Rare (Banjo series, Goldeneye 007, and Perfect Dark) are even available outside the N64. Especially since Rare retained the license for some of the series when Microsoft bought them out. We probably won't see them playable on a Nintendo system anytime soon. Even some of the games like Ocarina of Time I prefer on N64 because my version contains content that was cut in later versiosn.
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I could never get rid of my PS2 because it's the best way to play Crash Twinsanity and Medal of Honor 1 & Underground. All other PS2 favourites can be played on PC at least, or are stable with emulators.

I could also never get rid of my PS3 because it's the best way to play Ratchet and Clank 1 - Nexus, and the Prince of Persia 2008 Epilogue DLC never came to PC.

It's a shame that gaming is the worst medium for preservation and that Sony probably won't care to give us full, stable backwards compatibility.
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I had a fat PS2 model since 2002, but the laser died almost a decade ago. I replaced it last year but it still struggles to play any disc. I wish the rumours are true about the PS5 backwards compatibility. I really want to dive myself in nostalgia again.... (emulation kinda ruins it for me)
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