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Originally Posted by NoahCrofRaider View Post
Legend and Anniversary did have beautiful animations. One of the things I loved reading about somewhere was that one of their goals with Legend was to create a very fluid animation set. I would say that they succeeded.
Like the classics and AOD - they were HAND animated, so super smooth looking.
The issue is after TRU they used motion capture and it looks choppy AF

Funny, coz other devs can use motion capture just fine and it doesn't look choppy or too fast at all (Uncharted, Last Of Us)
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Hey guys. Hoping I can get some advice!

I've used Texmod to extract the font from the Japanese version, and brightened/sharpened it all. Looks very small and translucent in game but my fix looks great

Is there a way to make this change permanent without using texmod? My files are DDS textures
Australian, Japanese speaking TR addict.
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