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Originally Posted by Trenton View Post
I suspect Sony will continue milking this with Golden Abyss style games for years to come. They can sure use the money so who can blame them really?
I'd rather they not. I hate it when a great franchise has so many pointless spin-offs.
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Originally Posted by Lara_Fan1 View Post
No, they'll shelve(shelf) it for a later date and pull it out in the future when they've ran out of idea's or fail to make another big game. Which is doubt because Naughty Dog are making remarkable games lately.
No studio stays great forever, sadly, not even Naughty Dog. I don't see their output's quality declining any time soon but who knows where they'll be in 10-15 years.
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Calling it now we'll get an Uncharted game sometime in the future with Nate's child or it'll be a prequel with Sir Francis Drake - Playstation 6 launch title
Cool beans, man.

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Sad this will be Nate's final game. Personally I'd love for NaughtyDog to reboot Crash Bandicoot..
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I really can't see Sony dropping their most successful series these days, probably will give it to another developer while letting Naughty Dog create new stuff, as they say it's their last Uncharted.

Originally Posted by Shark_Blade View Post

Dat booty pop tho.
lmao damn facial animations tho!
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Why Uncharted 4 is Naughty Dog's Last Uncharted

In the run up to Uncharted 4’s release, Naughty Dog’s hinted that this will probably be their last Uncharted. Also, it’s kinda in the title. “A Thief’s End” is a little, you know... final.

I asked lead game designer Robert Cogburn why Naughty Dog’s saying they’re gonna hang up the half-tuck after Uncharted 4 comes out, and he told me there are a bunch of reasons. First off, Uncharted’s universe is relatively realistic—modern-day Earth, technology mostly like ours, normal-ish people, etc—and it’s getting harder and harder to expand it without straining credulity.

“This will be our fourth Uncharted game,” Cogburn told me during an interview at PSX. “These games are hard to make. Particularly with a character like Nathan Drake in a world that’s fairly grounded, it’s a challenge to consider how much more we can expand the universe while adhering to those sorts of rules.”

Naughty Dog is also aching to stretch their wings mechanically. Uncharted—while obviously a huge and multi-faceted undertaking—has become a box for them over time. They want to break out of it.

“You struggle with having to answer the same questions over and over again in any franchise,” said Cogburn. “This is gonna be the fourth time we start answering stuff like, ‘How do we make hand-grabs visible? What do we do to scale the combat experience? What are the interesting puzzles we can be introducing in the moment-to-moment as the player’s experiencing this narrative?’ That’s not to say the questions will be the same in games we make going forward, but as a studio we grow tired of answering those same types of questions in the same fiction. It’s gonna be fun for us to really embark on new ideas and start fleshing those out [in a new series].”

I asked him if The Last of Us functioned as a kind of litmus test for all of this, and he said it probably factored to an extent, but it wasn’t a make-or-break thing.

“If The Last of Us had done terribly, sure, things might’ve been reconsidered,” Cogburn admitted. “I struggle to say how big of an impact The Last of Us had on us in that regard, though. I can say that it made us realize as a studio that we’re doing it right.”

Jokingly, I added that I suppose this means we’ll never see the natural next evolution of Uncharted’s pulp adventuring: Uncharted Goes To Space. Cogburn replied that Naughty Dog actually had considered it.

“We’ve definitely had brainstorms on that idea,” he said, “but no.”

Still, we can dream. And so can Cogburn.

“I can already see the scene,” he said, chuckling. “Elena says, ‘Where do we go now, Drake?’ And Drake’s like, ‘THE MOON.’ And then Sully’s in the background saying, ‘You’re goddamned right we’re going to the moon, kid.’”
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Beta servers are still active XD i just played a match
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Guess they forgot to close them but I'm done with the Beta now, TDM gets a bit boring after a while
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The beta is over.

I was really skeptical about the multiplayer when I first played it, but I ended up falling in love with it!

There's one thing that really annoys me though: the menu! It feels so depressing, something that would fit The Last of Us, but not Uncharted... Please ND change it, and bring back Nate's Theme! I know it's "just" the menu, but it doesn't put me in the Uncharted mood when I start it up.
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Oh yes I really hope the menu was just for the beta. I remember the first time the music started I really thought it was music from The Last of Us. I still liked the music though, especially RIGHT before the matches started. I would love some music made specifically for the multiplayer lobbies. Listening to the same songs from Uncharted 2 and 3 over and over and over again kind of ruined them for me.

I'm still sad Greg Edmonson isn't returning. The music from all three games compliment each other so well. So many cool little things, like the music from Drake's Fortune when Nate is in the submarine will subtly appear in Drake's Deception during the ship graveyard chapters.
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