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Default The definitive Lara Croft.

Greetings fellow homosapiens. Two-ish months ago, I took it upon myself to take in some of the fansí complaints and use them in order to create who we know as Lara Croft. I used ToO Lara as a base, and put it all together to craft this beauty.

You guys wanted her to look fierce and confident? Done. You want her to be tanned? Youíve got it. Fuller lips? Kylie Jenner could never. Arched eyebrows? Arrows wish they could be shot that high. ó So without further ado, Lara Croft.


Please let me know any criticisms or things you might have an mind so that we can give Lara back her iconic iconicness of such an icon.

Also, this is not a dig at anyone, nor is it meant to be offensive, this is purely a joke made for us all to have a laugh at. :-D
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Drag queen Lara, nice.
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She kinda looks like Pete Burns after surgery. Perfect.
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clearly too many fringes, people will chase you out of the forum
Hi, I'm Marissa. I'm super excited to take trf's look to the next level.
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We love a good brow and plump allergic reaction looking full lips
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God, the nightmares... *shudders*

It reminds me of the Underworld model (not the outfit/gear), and thatís not good. Just a little suggestion (you know, to improve it), the nose size could be decreased and the lips needs to be widened...
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Realistically, this is what Teen Lara would actually grown into...
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A bee stung her lips, then the wind changed as her eyebrows arched in surprise, then a kid came along while she was comatose and painted her skin with wood stain, perhaps oak?

Good job
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