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I want some progression if Lara's character from the first film mainly her dual pistols and her fight against Ana. Other than that I am down for anything but suggest a change in environment either snow or sand this time.

I'd love to see an Egyptian adventure film it's been a while since we had a half decent Egyptian adventure.
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I think my thinking around using the basis of the TRIII story is around the vast locations travelled. What the new movie needs is a sense of ADVENTURE! And this is achieved by putting Lara in multiple interesting, unexplored and visually appealing locations.... Not just one dull looking island or one snowy capped mountain with a Russian observatory outpost built as a scaled down set from Rise.

While the first 2001 movie's story wasn't the best and with its awful cheesy script, one thing it did get right was it's locations and the different tombs and temples it showed. It completely changed Cambodia's tourism industry even to this day... It keeps the film moving forward with different imagery and really makes you feel like you're on an adventure... that is what TR is all about!
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I feel like 5 different locations like TR3 had would be way too much for one ~2 hour movie, neither would be done their proper justice, they'd have less than 25 minutes in each location. Multiple locations are wonderful for a 20 hour game, but for a movie they should stick with just a couple locations, in this case being home + the adventure location like Egypt.
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I would love a Tomb Raider movie with an older Lara and Jolie to reprise her role. Oooohhhh but this will never happen
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