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I agree. Slowing down defeats the whole purpose of them in the first place.

I'm replaying ROTTR, and I didn't remember some of the traps, and wasn't paying much attention to the ground. Some, scared the hell out of me, but the slowdown, and the trait afterwards made them dull.
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I completely back this up. The traps could have been way more deadlier and creative. What’s up with the slo mo stuff. I want to get spooked by accidentally setting off a trap.
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YES. It’s so ridiculous! There’s no danger with these traps, the insane slow down defeats the entire purpose of the traps.

I think this is one thing we might actually all collectively agree on. Someone pinch me, lol.
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Yeah, I could never take those seriously 'cause of the slow-motion stuff. XD

My literal reaction while encountering these traps:

"Oh wow... another trap... Psh, wait for the slow-motion and just jump it... Done...

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Originally Posted by Melonie Tomb Raider View Post
Yeah, I don't get the purpose of traps if they slow down.
It's probably to make the game easier and more accessible for casuals, which ruins it for the rest of us.

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Originally Posted by Melonie Tomb Raider View Post
Yeah, I don't get the purpose of traps if they slow down.
Because generic gamers these days can'y handle failure..
They can't handle dying.

So any danger or challenge is removed.. and it sucks!!!

Games need to stop hand holding.
People under 18 should not be playing these games - so why act as if 8 year olds are playing.
People shouldn't be that stupid in all fairness.

Or at least alter these things depending on difficulty.

Was replaying TRA and I loved how it was all real time.. rolling under darts and dodging the boulders etc
I miss that so much

I also hate how Lara refuses to fall of edges that will kill her.. instead she runs and even rolls into invisible walls.
You can only go over if you jump.
Its pathetic.. and ruins and realism too (why not add the last grab like LAU)

I miss climbing high and being scared of falling off.
The magnetism and no fall ledges lose this feeling

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In Shadow some of the traps did not slow down for me. I don’t know if it was a glitch, but it caught me off guard. I get the reason why they have traps slowed down, but they should incorporate an option for it it to be turned off.
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You have more reaction time depending on the difficulty settings btw
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Definitely, the lack of dangerous traps was one of my biggest gripes about the Reboot games. While the traps in SOTTR were a step up from Rise, the slow motion animations drag them down. Also, there were a lot of traps with tripwires in front of them that made them predictable. I miss all the trap gauntlets from the Classic games and the different environmental hazards like the rolling barrels in the Maria Doria levels and the swinging crates in Opera House. Sure, they were a little silly but they were also fitting for the environment they were used in.
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Well I'm looking forward to see creative traps in reboot games

Originally Posted by johnanonymouz View Post
well.......it happened! i agree with charmed!
so it did, except now he can't agree back lmao
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