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Thumbs up Converting a Moveable to a StaticMesh (Dxtre3d )

Hello there, I have coded a little and fast tool to convert a TR moveable from a TR3 level file into a StaticMesh.
Next I will explain you how this works, of course, there must be several ways to do it using rendering softwares, but here is a super fast way and I like to test my skills as programmer as well.

Step 1

Download the tool:


This is very important!!! You have to place your TR level file where you want to make the conversion on the same folder where the tool is.

Step 2

-Click on "Load" and open the level file ( remember that the file you choose must be in the same folder where the application is )

-You have to enter the moveable ID of the moveable item that you want to convert into a StaticMesh.

-Also you have to enter the StaticMesh ID of the slot where you want to store the conversion.

-Click on "-->" button to start the conversion.

Note: You must enter a valid static mesh ID, if the static mesh doesn't exist in the level fil, it won't work.

"Save" button saves the current changes in the level file.


Here is en example on how moveable ID 60 "MP with stick" from a tr3 level is converted into a static mesh into ID slot #2.

-Also you can import into your tr3 level file a tr4 moveble and convert it into a static mesh!!
Here is a moveable that is from an ANIMATING_MIP with ID #447, converted to a static mesh into slot #17

Next, you can see several movebles converted into static meshes.

Giving visibility and collision to the new static mesh

After you do the conversion and save with the tool, the values for visibility and collision are those defined for the previous static mesh.
You should open the level file with PixStr and redefine the box
for both visibility and collision for the newly defined.

And that's all. The idea for this is mostly for the users of tr1-tr3 level that would like to use as static meshes, moveable figures from tr4, like the example of the witch. The witch is an ANIMATING_MIP from tr4, then it was imported to a tr3 file and then it was converted as static mesh.

Good luck!

EDIT: if the mods think that this shouldn't be considered as a tutorial yet, delete this and let me know, and I will accordingly post this on dxtre3d section.
To ensure that you are doing a good project is to feel that you are enjoying it.

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