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Tomb Raidering
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Originally Posted by Woops View Post
So are you calling yourself a fake tr fan? anddddd you don't get to tell people they're "not true fans" either. just saying.

I gotta say Happy Birthday TR4, the only good part was Lara dying.
We have alot to talk about, eh? That sounds ‘a little’ cruel, but hey, TR4 deserves every scorn it gets...
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Happy 20th to the best TR.
Right now, I'm losing patience
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Happy 20th Anniversary to TR4, the best classic, imo.
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Tomb Raider
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Makes me sad that this game is 20 years old. I remember getting it for Christmas and was super excited to play it. I have such great (and slightly annoying) memories of this game.
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Well, I have to post in the thread commemorating my favourite TR. What an incredible atmosphere, and the level variety is remarkable given the single location. It would've been easy to make everything a drab, dusty yellow. Fun and challenging all the way through.
Braids please :)
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Patrick star
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Happy birthday to the best game ever created . Suck on this TR4 haters .
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Happy 20th to one hell of a Tomb Raider game.
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You can also watch absolutly amazing video made by my friend Kyo about our trip to Egypt, where we celebrated 20th anniversary of TR4 >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIe7utqmduc

A lot of pictures about our trip >> http://laracroft.pl/egypt_tr4_anniversary.htm
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jeez 20 years already huh, I clearly remember getting this for Sinterklaas (a holiday in the netherlands kind of similair to christmas with presents and all that) it's so weird 20 years have passed already. I was still a child and didn't understand **** about the plot and kind of made up my own story about it lol.

I do have to say I love TR4 but always have a hard time replaying it, some parts are really tedious. I also really dislike the voice actress in this game, I think she sounds a lot better in AOD than in TR4 and Chronicles. I also really dislike her in-game model, the shirt looks really weird and she has such a weird face. also her tits have become even more massive which is kind of ridiculous
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That video of your trip is so well made I watched all of in such awe with how the game and real life shots blended so well. great work.
I will become game director at TR .
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