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Question Is any list of extremely hard levels like CIL, taki?

I have tried Lost Valley(maybe this is not ex hard...), CIL(stuck at ex jump...), blue in the blue. and i find im into them😝. any recommendations or list?
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Tomb Raider
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Lara In A Box will leave your mentally broken for years beyond your mortal existence before you finish the first level.
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Jokes aside, this one is one of the hardest and most advanced TRLE levels from classic era.
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New Dwight
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The Mist: Resurrection of mine was pretty difficulty. Around 4 1/2 hours total playthrough (me). to this day no walk through of it. more difficult.
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I'm not sure if it is like the level you said but King Arthur Project is am amazing level set that is up there with difficulty and will have you playing for quite some time.
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These have a reputation for being pretty tough levels, they are long too:

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It's been a long time since I played the levels from Lara at the Movies, but the memories still stick with me that those levels were one of the hardest I've ever come across.

Richard Lawther's Astrodelica saga is also very difficult. Some of the puzzles are so tricky that I never actually had the patience to complete them and finish all the levels even with a walkthrough. (I'm not a biggest fan of too mathematical puzzles.)
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An Adventure is incredibly difficult to get through. Outside of the usual challenging trap sequences and timed runs, there is very limited ammo and some...weird puzzles, if you can call them that.
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