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Question Original Room geometry????

Hey is there any tools to convert/rip the room shapes and size directly from the classic games into Dxtre3D???

I sometimes like to use small sections from the classics for Lara to revisit and then take an alternate path. i.e. Return to Egypt from TR1 Gold.
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Hi gameGlotcher77,

I am going to quote you textually something that TPascal himself told me when I asked him the same thing.

"If possible, it is possible, but the geometry format of the Dxtre3d is not exactly compatible with the format of the classic games."

A clear example that made me notice this, is the fact that while in classic games there are levels that have rooms with a height greater than 5, the TPascal support up to 5 blocks of height inclusive. In that case the conversion would not be and exact and there would have to split the room into two with two different heights ...

No, although it seems like a good idea, it is difficult to create a tool since there are "small big" differences in the formats of the original levels and the geometry of the Turbo editor format.

It was a good question, also it would be nice to have the file format of .tre files first.
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Possible rip the room shapes and size directly from the classic games into Dxtre3D TrePhoenix by Skateboard Kid tools. No texture, room geometry only. Create tre files TrePhoenix by Skateboard Kid tools and load to Dxtre3D

Good luck!

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When load tre files, base file missing message ignore.

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