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View Poll Results: Your initial response to Tomb Raider Reloaded?
Hype train choo choo! chugga chugga! (Very excited) 16 7.24%
Eager to learn more (Favourable) 71 32.13%
On the fence, one's interest is piqued (Neutral but positive) 82 37.10%
I know nothing about this game and I'm disappointed as hell! (Not happy) 29 13.12%
Rage, rage against the dying of the Lara Croft (This is the worst day of my life) 5 2.26%
Penguins (Waste your vote here) 18 8.14%
Voters: 221. You may not vote on this poll

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Eager to learn more.
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Tomb Raidering
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Originally Posted by Raider8 View Post
Eager to learn more.
Talk about being your own worst enemy.
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Tomb Raider
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Neutral I would say. We still don't know anything.
Eidos Montreal as developers for Tomb Raider!
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Tomb Raider
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I chose disappointed. I really want something that isnít a mobile game.. Iíll give it a shot.
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Disappointed. When I saw the video I thought it would be something cool... a Nintendo-style TR. But knowing it’s something for the phone...
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Definitely on the fence. There's nothing substantial about the game itself to be excited about. They could have at least released one screenshot, no? But on the other hand, this is possibly a sign of where they're thinking of taking the series as a whole i.e. being more open-minded with their direction and presentation, so I'm definitely interested to see what happens in the future.
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I chose "eager to learn more" as we haven't received any gameplay yet. If it's good then I'll be waiting for it or if it's just microtransactions & a boring game then it's a big no for me.
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Relic Hunter
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I'm on the fence, I still have my eyes on it bc hey it's classic Lara! But if it wasnt for that I wouldnt care.
I hope I can live long enough to witness the true second coming of Lara Croft
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LOVE her design. Love the teaser. Not a fan of mobile games. Wish it was remasters in this style instead.
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Interest piqued, but if that's the only thing one of the biggest franchise in video game history gets on its quarter of a century birthday, I'm out.
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