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Originally Posted by Zelda master View Post
Curious why people have to pay shipment, Europe seems to be very fair on that. When I had my connectivity issues at launch, I had to pay nothing to have them fixed and got my controller back in mere days.
Because Europe as a whole is a very socialist continent (more social-democrat, really) and we take consumer rights very seriously.
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Originally Posted by Zelda master View Post
No need, it's the exact same model, just internally revised to be more power efficient.
I assume the heat production will be less as well.
Curious if they'll manage to make a fanless model down the line.
I mean I have the launch model. Iím assuming the models released now will be the more efficient ones? So therefor I want one of those.
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Oh ****


Nintendo, you had better respond to this
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I'm glad they're being called out on it, as they're not addressing the issue as well as they should be IMO.
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